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  1. And the problem with spider wars is it doesn't fit webber too well. Here are a line of what he says when he examines a dead spider "another lost friend.". If spider wars were intentional wouldn't he not think of them as friends or at least not care if they die
  2. So as a webber main ik a LOT of lore and abilities webber has. I will mainly be talking about the ability side for many reasons. I dont wanna sound harsh but webber is bad but good. What I mean is I don't think klei intended for webber to be able to start spider wars.(it seems very unlikely because of webber's personality) Many of the characters perks are very clear to use. Most people wouldn't have guessed "Hey what if I get one spider to attack another" even after many times of playing webber I had to get someone to tell me that. Then there is other uses like getting spiders to kill a aoe boss. But the only 3 bosses that will work well is moose/goose, beequeen, and ancient guardian. But again it will take TONS of spiders for anything past moose/goose. And again I dont think klei thought that webber could do that (other than moose/goose maybe).his abilities dont actually mean anything until you put your monkey brains together to find a solution. Sure having a army of spiders is nice for protecting you. But the 1 or 2 pigs can easily be killed or just left alone. ( here is the part where I put in suggestions and ask about your ideas. Was long so I put it in a spoiler) I dont know when or IF webber will be reworked but if he doesn't I still wanna thank klei for a awesome character:)
  3. Later is here so have part 2 of piggy friendship (I'll call it piggy hatred ) At 0% friendship/hatred they act like they normally do At 25% hatred they avoid you a lot more than usual making it much harder to attack. At 50% hatred they hunt you down on sight as well as any nearby pigs. At 75% hatred there rage fuels a attack pattern of not running away and constantly punching with 50 damage. They will purposely run at low hp and stop fighting other enemies to kill you.(pigs will go to 75% auto if you smashed their home) At 100% hatred pig king will now not trade with you until you make peace with his citizens (no killing them does not work) you will have to leave a crockpot dish on the ground and they will forgive you (the hatred goes to 49%) Now you have a big reason to not kill pigs they get alot harder to kite and pig king doesn't like it either. Personally I would like cannibalism to not exist anymore. Perhaps one day in a Qol update.
  4. Wouldn't it be nice if your friendship with your piggy friend wasn't temporary? They would see you and start following you already for the actions you have done in the past like giving him food. Instead of a friendship timer their is a friendship meter. The nicer you are to your piggy friends the more they follow and the dialogue can change from "TOO CLOSE!" They say "Hello friend". At 25% friendship they start following you and helping chop without a snack At 50% friendship they are ok with the dark as long as their with their friend At 75% friendship he gathers for you. Like flint, grass, twigs, etc. They can tolerate things they hate like spiders unless you attack them. (Also they carol and dance with you) At 100% friendship he let's pig guards know that's your friend and your allowed to take whatever they are guarding and stay in their light. Your pig friend learns to stay with friend in a fight and tanks instead(like a bunnymen) he also gets a damage boost to 55 damage because of how well you treated him. Wouldn't that be nice? A new use for pigs other than a meat grinder. I always thought some of the more complex dst creatures deserved a spotlight like pigs and merms. I would add negative friendship but it would make this post a mile long so I'll do it later
  5. Isn't antlion a bit... weak and it's not worth to fight her unless you go afk alot or you want the awesome blueprint that almost never gets used. Due to needing 2 players. Feeding her trinkets is a waste because killing her is super easy. Just antlion is a little disappointing gotta say.(so is summer because you can hide in the caves but shhh) perhaps antlion could use a little fresh water and a reason to fight her a little more than "why not?". (If you have your own ideas to add go ahead) Ok first off hp is more than low because her attacks dont require you to run off when you can just *slide to the left* and *criss cross*. Which allows you to get alot more attacks in. Perhaps another attack to actually get a hit off of you by trapping you in sand and chomping at you. Her blueprint could be like wagstaffs teleporter and you can teleport to the nearest one if your in range. See look at that isn't that a slightly better boss to fight? With a cherry on top of this being almost no changes to what she does normally and now you got yourself a reason to die to antlion. if you think I'm wrong please explain why.
  6. "Hey what biome is the beefolo in?" "Its in the yellowish ground biome with grass" "Isn't that underground?" "No a little more yellow." "Oh yeah that one. Only if we had a name for it." (Having no biome is problematic with so many enemies being able to spawn in the same spot. Like merms and pigs.)
  7. Ah yes finally a way to punish dupes with radiation. I love it already.
  8. What would *YOU* like to be added to trouble your waters that probably won't be added because they already started the beta. For me it would be a bull kelp forest with green waters and it can get your boat stuck. Then having to untangle it. Just cus I think ocean biomes are cool and I wanna hear better ideas than mine.:)
  9. Yeah....but it's called uncompromising mode not mod tho. And here's how to do hard mode go to world settings and make it never stop raining and frog rain is lots with no autumn. That's your uncomp mode it's not too hard to do. (I'm only semi joking I promise)
  10. Well you can. Prevent them from eating the meat by making them agro on to something else.(like the babies which will attack the spiders anyway so not giving a chance to eat). For non aoe bosses they are one of the best things to use because unlike pigs they dont run back and forth, and unlike bunnymen they stay tell they die. And unlike Bunnymen and pigs getting 100 spiders is easy to get because the dens are everywhere and you get a full den from a tier 3. Although for bee queen you will need dens surrounding her so they keep spawning and for dragonfly use a pan flute when she runs so they dont follow
  11. I main webber because their downsides actually mean something and says alot about them and makes the playstyles different. Webber - Webber is my true main 100% he adds variety and fun to your game from being hated by pigs and loved by spiders adding many more solutions to your problems like: ( "OH NO a moose/goose spawned at base and we cannot collect our weapons and armor to fight her" Now spider man comes in and brings 100 spiders with him to kill moose/goose boom problem solved) yes this actually happened I had to save someone with spiders. sure you could have a Wolfgang kite her while you get stuff for him to tank but where's the fun in that it's much funnier and easier to watch spooders chomp on moose/goose.
  12. Ruins rushing is pretty "selfish" but not everyone ruins rushes like that. Selfish is a pretty narrow term for the different types of people that ruins rush in different ways. The way you mentioned should only be done on a world they made to ruins rush and not ruining someone else's server. I usually tell people Imma rush something, but I would never bring them down for my short term gain. Even if I give thulecite stuff what's the point. Someone might just hold all 10 crowns. People still wont have reliable armor at all times. Hence why I ruins rush as wigfrid to not steal all pig skin Wigfrid is the best ruins rush in a public server because she can make her own armor and weapons for very cheap and easy to find resources. Bringing a friend or 2 will help her due to her health steal. Sure the wigfrid still might not be a decent human being, but wigfrid is in fact a better team player than Wolfgang even though "not" being better than wolfgang. Also if you take the deerclops eye and just leave you need to rethink your life choices.
  13. They are super useless the thulecite bat is a little less useless but it's pretty bad. Let us go over its list The damage is 59.5. Summons shadow tentacles on hit. 10% movement speed (thanks wiki I didn't know this). 200 uses. Ok so the damage is worse than the nightmare sword which is fine it's not the worst. Movement speed is noice 200 hundred uses is pretty good Next the shadow tentacles are super useless they are only good for tanking and if the enemies dont kite you like pigs. If there is more than one enemy your done for. Bosses that move (bee queen, klaus, malbatross, and ancient guardian). Bosses with aoe(deerclops, toadstool, and bearger). Will not work So that leaves treeguards, spiderqueens, reanimated skeleton, and moose/goose. If your kiting it leaves treeguards, spiderqueens, and reanimated skeleton. I left out most small enemies because they either kite, come in large groups, or do high damage and range. Ok so maybe I hate the tentacle more than the weapon. This is the part where I list ways to make it better: Idea 1: when the tentacle spawns it locks the enemy into place and causes all enemies to focus on it letting you get away without getting hurt. This way the tentacle actually does damage and doesn't just dissapear and might actually die. Idea 2: if the tentacle is out of range it shoots nightmare fuel pellets of sorts at the enemy. ( I like this idea more due to not changing much other than it actually helps)
  14. A scaled boat is a pretty good idea but it should be costly with no downsides because scales are pretty easy to get. Maybe a downside of it sails slower. A downside that is be fairly easier to overcome.If it puts out fires it should cost some blue gems Cost:1 scale and 2 blue gems A marble boat isn't a great idea. Just think about why a marble pancake wont float. The reason it was made out of shells and horns is so it could still float and it would give you a reason to sail around to get upgrades. Living log boats sound good maybe some red gems and nightmare fuel for a glow that can help see sea stacks and the type of fish with a downside of a sanity drain. Maybe -3.5 sanity a min. Cost :6 living logs, 2 red gems, and 5 nightmare fuel