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  1. Webber and willow mains must have been sad that so many people like to grief as these characters.*cough* me *cough* Wilson - ............ Willow - "but I didnt know forest fires were bad" Wolfgangs - *beefolo stops existing or hides in that one small savanna in the forest* Wendys (not the reasturtuant) - owner of the server that interrogates me before I play webber Wx-78 - i thought wx was strong tho... Wicker bottom - i wish i have seen one Woodie - W O O D wes - rare species found only in wes is bes servers Waxwell- ......... Wigfrid - the nice ones dont kill off every species that give meat W E B B E R - I'm gunna be honest haven't seen many griefers just a fellow webber bro that lives in spider heaven(war). Winona - ........... Warly - I main him on the side but the ones I do see never get a proper farm up and running Wortox - new people and pros alike play this cus they like a ez heals Wormwood - never gets seeds for himself and alaways asks. Pretty nice people if the main him Wurt - swomp
  2. Trade inn candy wrapper game

    Oh I'm stupid there is a question mark clicker that tells you what to do I think I'm high
  3. Webber;-; No really am I being high I dont see him anywhere
  4. I N S A N I T Y

    Jokes on you I'm very not good at the game at all
  5. I N S A N I T Y

    Who said we wanted to avoid it(I did lol but at the start you avoid it tell after a certain point )I just think the fact that being insane is too easy for ya know being I N S A N E. I at least want people to avoid it without friends or armor. Insanity should be seen as a major downside but with great benefits. It shouldn't be I'm gunna just imma kill 100 shadows and never have to fight again. More of I struggled to kill 5 shadows and got 7 nightmare fuel and I only have 5 hp.
  6. I feel like someone has posted something about this but I found nothing.(if I'm stupid please tell me) Shouldn't insanity be something you want to avoid not just UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH.it should be more I'm going to die from it please help. Proposition number uno:make insanity hard to get out of like the flowers become terrifying and gives you less sanity or mushrooms just give less in order to make it less desirable to go insane to kill shadows. Proposition number 2:make shadows stronk or make more.so players need to be prepared If they went insane. Like a grab attack that you cant avoid without a friend. Or just make them avoid your armor half the time. Proposition number tree:*INSERT YOUR VALUED OPINION HERE* Please feel free to tell me why I'm stupid.;-;
  7. I mean kinda but I was going for more a boss that doesnt agro easy instead he has a bearger sorta slam attack to destroy your stuff and he will leave really fast if you kite him poorly he is the same speed as you. Deerclops isn't the base destroyer he is the easiest boss because you can make him spawn away from your base but the other boss will look for a area with the most structures not matter where he is on the map kinda thing
  8. A boss that will target your base and smash stuff there isn't really a threat without your base involved. Also gemed spiders like during seasons (yes even for the spitter spider) dont look at my name pls but I say spiders are one of the most common threats so why not make em more deadly Maybe you see some spiders travelling in groups after destroying their den or like warrior spiders travelling around
  9. I'm dumb

  10. I'm dumb

    I did a dumb
  11. I was thinking he could do more with his spider legs bc he talks about them so much. Like being able to hold a torch just so you can do things in the darkness for once.
  12. Elemantal teams

    Webber can just help smak abby if needed but if u are tru webber main you can get 20 spider warriors and too many spiders so yeah.also if all else fails get warriors to go straight for wendy they stun lock her and the other spooders finish the job. Webber or his spider warriors could try to ston lock even for a second will work. Because everyone knows spiders true power is stun lock.
  13. Elemantal teams

    I usually would use spider warriors to fight off mr moose and wendy cus no stun lock.for the hambat I was sure they did cus they attacked me when I had one. Oh wait I was webber nvm
  14. Elemantal teams

    Using a hambat wonder what could go wrong with that HMMMMMMMMMM......also webber could use a boomerang too.