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  1. The animations for picking up a heavy object, as well as the generic action/craft animation show the heavy object behind the character's hat and pigtails.
  2. Sometimes I feel like I'm noticing a trend with things that get reworked and how people react to them.
  3. Just because it's technically possible to grow crops during winter doesn't immediately mean you're meant to just freely grow them, since it's still winter. And even then you still get a really good profit if you fertilize properly and/or taƶk to your crops. Just because large crops exist doesn't mean they're needed for farming to pay off. At least that's what I think anyway.
  4. Is that because said Wilson is just a noob, or is it because of one of the following reasons: -He's actually a troll -He's new and nobody helped him -He's very obviously a troll, like come on. I see it so often that experienced players put no faith into new players at all, which just seems insulting to me. I mean for some things that's justified, since these things aren't necessarily designed in a newbie-friendly way, but when it comes to obvious stuff like this it just makes me sorta mad whenever all newbies get dismissed as "Wilson main that eats only red caps and monster meat", even though those people are few and far between. If they even exist that is.
  5. Interesting idea, but I personally would prefer if nutrients and watering could yield more grass harvests for example so that wicker isn't the only way of gathering loads of resources.
  6. the head also looks very disconnected from the body.... Raymanification - 10% complete.
  7. Woah woah woah, calm down! Your ppm (puns per minute) are off the charts! Any higher than that and you'll cause a thunderstorm strong enough to destroy the universe!
  8. Yeah this is very likely something with a mod that causes flint to slowly fall through the ground. That's the reason it seems to be moving; it's not on the same plane as everything else and thus doesn't move the same way on screen as a player for example (that's also why they eventually disappear if I had to guess).
  9. I've been wanting something like this for years actually, but it seems with all the things that need to be accounted for (setting different regions, "starting" the world you made from day 1, potential setpieces you wanna add, etc.) in order for it to be as indepth as possible that this is very unlikely to happen. Unless someone somehow finds a way to mod something like that in.
  10. Didn't know the pandemic was already that bad in may 2019, but whatever. Not saying it's not an issue, by god no, but it wasn't even officially considered a pandemic prior to march 2020, which was 10 months after rot's announcement, not to mention that between march and now is an additional 7 months that they have been working on updates. At least as far as I know. I know myself damn well how hard the pandemic is hitting everyone, especially since I'm living in a region where number of newly infected are rising each day and we are currently experiencing another lockdown (sort of, schools are still open and students have to attend.). Regardless, I'm just gonna drop this particular topic here as it's just very touchy and stirring it further is not gonna help it either. Sorry if I was disrespectful in any way.
  11. A year or two =/= five years. I'm not saying they'll just stop right here and now. That'd be super weird.
  12. I think it's less about wanting them to end and more just expecting them to end at this point. Wouldn't you know it, the new patch has fixed one issue I had with the ocean. ...Too bad that's a small part of it but hey it's something!