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  1. Save File Editor

    I would also add, if you're only using UI mods then no big deal to do the turn them off and back on save cycle. Just takes a little time. Now, if you're using mods that actually add things to the game, then that's a problem
  2. Save File Editor

    I was having the loading problem earlier this week, but now I only have the problem with trying to save those ones out of Duplicity where the mods were active. The error is this: Also, another side issue. The up/down buttons on duplicant attributes don't work. In as much as, if you ONLY use the up/down buttons the editor does not save the change when you exit the duplicant screen. You have to click on the number and hit enter to get it to register that a change was made to the number.
  3. Save File Editor

    This one is repro'ing the problem. This is the initial cycle 1 state of that game, saved right after worldgen, hadn't even opened debug yet. Cycle 1 - Pigpen.sav Turned off all mods, reopened the save and resaved it. Now Duplicity can edit and save it. Cycle 1 - PigpenNoMody.sav This one is the same one at cycle 200. Same behavior, turn off all mods, load and resave, edit fine in Duplicity. Cycle 200 - Pigpen-.sav Cycle 200 No Mods - PigpenTest.sav So definitely seems mod related. My thought is the parser is having a problem with the list of mods that are tacked on to each save. Here's my mods I've been using. They're all UI related, they don't actually add anything to the game as far as I'm aware.
  4. Save File Editor

    @RoboPhred been using Duplicity for a good bit now. It's pretty dang awesome, as is the vNext version. 2 questions. -What are your plans/timeline for supporting the 7.7 save version included in the QoL3 update? -How can someone contribute to you/your projects to show some love? And by love I mean anonymous love, aka cash.
  5. Well, I've lost count of crashes now, easily about 2 dozen on a map started with qol2. Gonna start a new I guess and see if there's as much crashing.
  6. Getting pretty consistent crash, 3 times now, trying to assign the Plumber hat to a dupe.