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  1. Unlike all other bosses, Crab King does not drop a Magnificent Ornament to hang on the tree.
  2. Unlike the Celestial Alter and Tribute, the Sanctum doesn't have a map icon.
  3. If the centipede husk has 80 health, and you do an attack over 80 health, the husk will disappear forever like any other enemy you can kill.
  4. No they was about duplicating moose/goose eggs using a exploit after disconnecting after recently killing them, this exploit makes it so you are able to keep moslings in a pen year around, when they are supposed to fly away after spring.
  5. When you go at max speed with 2 winged sails, structures on the edge of the boat will occasionally "fall" off the boat and sit on the water. I had this happen to me twice today while fishing in the ocean.
  6. When a character plays the trident they will get an extra arm when playing it for some reason as shown here
  7. Basically what the title says, when I stand next to a passive crab king without gems his boss music will still play
  8. When burning the new sunken chest obtained by the sea, the game will crash after
  9. I am having the same issue with this island, I even disabled all my mods and went their without console to see if that was the problem Here is the image of the crash I had
  10. Do you guys know how to get the gnarwail to spawn naturally, I don't have the slighest clue on how to do it.
  11. When you put a fish in the fish scale o matic it cannot be retrieved unless hammered or burned, unless it supposed to work this way.
  12. Along with this spoiled fish have been added back in, MEANING RENEWABLE BONE SHARDS!!!
  13. When Grass Geckos are present in a world and found in the meteor biome, there will usually be tall birds as well. The tallbirds will try to be territorial and kill the grass geckos, but they don't run away from the tall bird even if it kills it it will stand still. However when a player comes near the grass gecko will freak out.
  14. I lost the deerclops eyeball to a pengull after I had died from a pengull, (Plz don't be mad at me) But Klaus decided to make my day this winter...