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  1. Especially now since you can't cheese the fuelweaver by making its bones not spawn by standing at the edge of the land, I think this would be interesting if maybe they used something different than nightmare fuel.
  2. If using a life vest in the hamlet ponds you will die and lose all of your progress making you reset your world, however if you use a life giving amulet in the ponds you will die as usual but your game will crash.
  3. Recently, Walani got her surfboard moved into hamlet but she cannot craft it due to it needing seashells.
  4. [Game Update] - 342121

    Whats the difference between this new horror hound and the one that already exists
  5. I feel like that would be really hard unless major reworks as wilba is a better woodie
  6. If the boat is still moving and you place a structure on it the structure will be on the ocean not the boat
  7. It is really annoying to look at while on a boat and gets in your way
  8. I am so happy you guys added a alone world setting, I am so hopping you will treat solo players with the same respect
  9. Have you killed this boss?

    Would the use of rollbacks on a boss in a actual game count
  10. Is there any info about Warbucks?

    Would someone mind messaging me some of the racially incorrect things he said about other creatures
  11. [Game Update] - 329526

    When choosing wheeler for a character in the select menu she still has her depressed look, also thanks for taking out the double dodge
  12. Thoughts on the Obsidian Tools?

    I really love them all and I really enjoy the machete, because I hate time wasted harvesting crops.
  13. After domesticating and riding beefalo after the bug fixes for most beefalo bugs were released, I have noticed a few bugs I would like to share with you. Roads still give beefalo 30% speed boost unlike in dst All weapons including the walking cane do their original damage and if having durability using that too Unlike in dst you can not craft items on beefalo such as torches When beefalo reaches critical health the character will not quote how the beefalo is going to die, unlike in dst In dst beefalo receive 4x the the health benefit of food which in ds they don't, and they get 10 hp for grass and twigs which they would only get 1 health or less in dst (Not sure if these two are intentional or not) In dst all characters get same damage on beefalo but in ds wendy and wes get their .75 damage multiplier and wolfgang and wigfrid get increased damage riding on beefalo.
  14. No the hippo antler like the beefalo horn and ox horn all have created musical instruments, but the hippo antler only has a instrument unlike the beefalo hat and ox hat. So I want a hippo antler hat plz klei
  15. I think some of us know that the hippo is probably the beefalo of hamlet, so I don't know if this is planned. BUT GIVE ME THE HIPPO HORN HAT I NEED TO COMPLETE THE COLLECTION