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  1. Wurt

    I wish we got more information about these updates to come. I already know Klei is usually late on these updates and that's fine, I just wish we got this information on tuesday instead of the last possible moment, like the roadmap we had for wormwood and warly and how it was very specific.
  2. Wurt

    One things for certain about all these new characters... their names get weirder and weirder. I believe at this point Klei should just make a new dictionary for all of these odd W names.
  3. Another resource, nightmare fuel can be used to craft many utilities which will help the player early-late game. Although this resource is really useful it can be farmed easily by being insane, or get loads in the ruins. Even materials like stone or wood can be used by players to make crafts that will help them out immensely. The difference now is these ones can be farmed and moon glass cannot. It was already pretty limited with having the recipe for the bath bomb being so annoying to make and getting this glass would take twenty days, But now there is a fixed amount on how many glass you can get. Now that this happens I would much rather prefer a spear to a glass cutter for the spear will not take me 20 days to farm. Why do you think so many players prefer winona's catapults instead of the yearly farmed houndius shootius.
  4. [Game Update] - 368004

    I know this is an intentional mechanic, as beaver originally had this before the rework came out. I also had this issue as well, they even try to hit you but no damage is inflicted sometimes.
  5. Dragonfly Immune after reaching 2600hp

    I also may guess that this could be caused by using predictive lag instead of no lag prediction For some reason sometimes when you use this mobs will not get hit because your hits will not land on them, this has been noted before with the mob moose goose
  6. [Game Update] - 367948

    Ah my friday could never be better, I missed being your main so much woodie :D!
  7. I am just kind of upset because this is a woodie rework, why didn't his original form get as much love as his others you know :(.
  8. Can everyone stop ignoring the problems with beaver that never got addressed, woodie's werebeaver is still worse than woodie as a harvester of anything but trees. I made an original comment on the rework announcement that he takes 3x more gnaws on anything that isn't a tree, for example 1 dig of a stumpt is three gnaws of a werebeaver. If they could fix this then he would be *better* but in reality he needs a way to increase were-meter while in wereform.
  9. So last time Woodie was shown early by RTgame on Tuesday before launch, with everyone other streamer/youtuber of don't starve got him Wednesday. Will this happen with Woodie and other future new/reworked characters or will everything be revealed on the date of the update from now on.
  10. Well the next update is called the Salty dog, so maybe we could expect to see it in the next update. We could also see a return of the salt collector thing from the gorge and have the big reveal of mumsy/billy in the constant.
  11. Also another question that I was somewhat expecting, will werebeaver be upgraded as a harvester. He takes 3x more effort to get anything that isn't a tree, this makes him take 18 gnaws for a boulder and 30 for a marble shrub and what about 3 gnaws for a stumpt?
  12. Thx klei that's all I could ask for
  13. Old Wortox Portrait?

    I found this image in the wiki, this should be the wortox you were curious about
  14. Old Wortox Portrait?

    I believe this was the old unimplemented wortox that has been in the game files for years, you can tell from his more chiseled appearance and hair on the top of his head. I believe you are right in they used this photo until they had the real wortox finalized.
  15. Moleworms will infinitly go towards the border of the world although it is impossible for them to make a burrow there