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  1. WOW THAT LOOKS PRETTY GOOD THE CHARACTERS looks cute and new monsters also the game seems to pass while wilson is still stuck in the throne hmm curious and curious
  2. that a nice story of how he got in together now charlie has to deal with him and others survivors
  3. so evertime i try to enter a cave a error show like this erro seems to only happend in together since i enter the ds caves normaly
  4. @Zillvrsorry ask but where i get the log files? i end up forgetting
  5. so the new character that going to be reworked is wendy
  6. please help i cant enter the caves and i dont know what to do and i have no AV in the pc
  7. this looks pretty good...its just weird a umbrella with eye.. but this exist so yeah
  8. i dont use wortox but that update is ok for me