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  1. Germ Overlay MISSING.STRINGS.UI.OVERLAYS.DISEASE.INTERNAL_GERMS Sigmon's Diseased Spacejunk.sav
  2. I have dead duplicants showing on: Door Setting Schedule Editor
  3. Sometimes it is hard to read the Resource List (on the right hand side of the UI) due to it's transparency. It would be nice to see an option that would display it with a non transparent background.
  4. When expanding a subtopic the scroll bar is reset to the top of the list. It would be nice if it would retain it's original position (near the expanded topic) so we don't have to scroll back down to our expanded topic.
  5. It would be nice if the description for the Polymer Press stated that it leaks Steam similar to the description for the Natural Gas Generator leaking Polluted Water.
  6. New Duplicants are being assigned a Comfy Bed when I have not created a Comfy Bed. As I later explored I found that there was a Comfy Bed in one of the locked areas. After I deconstructed this bed new all was well.