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  1. I almost forgot about the krampi! ill use her for that part of the fight ty!!
  2. ty for the tips guys very helpful! I forgot about that! yes i do have starcaller staff ill use it instead
  3. The stuff listed as (optional) is what i may or may not bring My character is Wendy atm (I wont use abbi) I've already beaten BQ and people say Klaus is easier than her so I might be over prepping idk List: ITEMS: Bring some jellybeans (optional) 24-30 blue caps (Bundle wrap). I saw people using pieorogi and dragonpies so i just replaced those with the proper amount of caps since i like them more 15-24 green caps 5 dark swords 1 hambat 5 log suits or football helms 1 CANE 2 ice staffs 1 THERMAL STONE SET UP: BUILD CAMPFIRE BRING GLOMMER GOUP FOR FUEL BRING ROAD FLOOR (optional) I've never fought Klaus and killed bq for the first time today so I just want to know if theres anything I'm missing