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  1. Jesus complex.

    Same problem. On a different map this time, but again near the sunken boat. made an in-game report of the bug. So stupid question, can I now continue playing in that slot, or do I have to wait until someone had a look at it?
  2. Jesus complex.

    Ok, it WAS reproducible. Happened yesterday and today, multiple times. Now that I am trying to reproduce it for you guys to report, it stopped . Well problem solved I guess . If it occurs again, I will report it from in-game. Thank you for the quick reply!
  3. When I walk past a certain point, My character ( Willow) suddenly walks on water. Trees and items are still there,and everything else still works. When I walk back past the point, the problem is gone. Did not find this problem on other maps yet. Closing and starting the game back up does not work. Anyone else withe the same 'problem'?