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  1. Oh, my drawing didn't make it to the pages, but it's okay, it happens. I am happy for this event and for all the people who got involved!
  2. Hello everybody! Good morning/afternoon/evening! Hope you are well! I can't draw for now, I wish I could. But I'll leave here a drawing I made a few months ago of this handsome lumberjack, Woodie!
  3. I'm glad that Klei listens to us. I really appreciate it!
  4. Hello everybody! Good morning/afternoon/evening! Warly is now with us and I'm so happy for this! Thanks, Klei <3 Well, here's my good culinarian fella, Warly! Hope you like it!
  5. Hey, everyone! Good morning/afternoon/evening! It has been a long time since I posted some drawing, this is because I'm without materials, unfortunately. But here's the WX78 I drew a few months ago, I hope you like it! <3
  6. Hello everyone, good morning/afternoon/evening! This week's challenge was the cryptic scientist, Wagstaff. I decided to draw him in my style, then my friend @AdventZen helped me colorize Einstein Wagstaff digitally I'd like to say I loved this new update, and the horror-like style really brought DST back to its roots. I can't wait to see your take on the new creatures, Jesse <3
  7. Hello, amazing people from this forum! Good morning/afternoon/evening! This week's challenge is the lovely Bernie, and I, personally speaking, really enjoyed the Willow rework, well done Klei! So, here is my poor Bernie, waiting for a Sewing Kit!
  8. Hello everybody! Good morning/afternoon/evening! Here is my Glommer flying in the sky <3
  9. Hello everybody! Good morning / afternoon / evening! This week's challenge is the Treeguard! So... I love Woodie, and whenever I get the chance to put in the drawing, I do! Hahahaha <3
  10. Hello everyone! Good morning/afternoon/evening! This week's challenge was the malicious Krampus, so, I drew the malevolent Maxwell with his Krampus skin! Hope you enjoy!! <3
  11. Hello everyone! Good morning / afternoon / evening! This week's challenge was Wortox, so here it is, with your beloved friend! By the way! Jesse, you pronounce my second name very well!
  12. Hey! Thanks for the compliment on my drawing, and your art was amazing! Congratulations!
  13. Hey everyone, good morning/afternoon/evening! This week's challenge was a tree, and I play as a lumberjack, so not much to think. I really love Woodie, and the fact that he's hard to play, makes him even more special to me <3
  14. Hey, first time posting here, I drew these with just my cellphone for seeing reference, so it was quite a pain, but it was worth it Greetings from Brazil \o