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  1. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    Hello everybody! Good morning/afternoon/evening! Hope you are well! I can't draw for now, I wish I could. But I'll leave here a drawing I made a few months ago of this handsome lumberjack, Woodie!
  2. WereMoose Discussion Thread

    It's more complicated and resource intensive, it's up to you to see if it's worth it!
  3. WereMoose Discussion Thread

    Really smart ideia! Someone should try it!
  4. WereMoose Discussion Thread

    Goose is the powerful form, no doubt! Hahahaha I really appreciate your opinions, mates!
  5. WereMoose Discussion Thread

    Calm you down, little boy. The people here are just expressing their opinions. Be kind.
  6. WereMoose Discussion Thread

    It seems that many agree to raise the price of the idol and thus make it stronger. I think it's a great idea!
  7. Hey everybody! Good morning/afternoon/evening! What are your thoughts about Weremoose? Weremoose is the fighter, and he does a great job killing Spiders, Hounds, Clockworks, Volt Goats (mobs in general), but if you need to kill a giant, Bee Queen, Klaus, Dragonfly, Toad, Ancient Fuelweaver or others, you will probably use Woodie. So, do you think Moose should be able to deal with the big ones or he is good the way he is? I don't know what are my thoughts, I would like to use him to combat the harders ones, but if he isn't meant to do it, I'll be okay. Feel free to share your thoughs aboot the Moose, maybe convince me?
  8. I'm glad that Klei listens to us. I really appreciate it!
  9. The Were-forms should gain Were-meter doing the related action and just lose it when idling!!
  10. Aboot the Werebeaver I wish he could dig the stumps with one gnaw. Just that. Overall, good. >-30 hp >coming back with 0 hunger >run for just one minute >????? I totally agree with you, mate. I agree. Or raise the Damage Resistance or, lower the damage he takes eating the Idol could help, Again, I agree with you. Lowering the HP and adding 1 Living Log seems great to me. I liked the Were-forms, they have a lot of potential, just need refining, you know?
  11. OK, what can I say aboot the short... It was a good short, a very fun one, but it isn't what we expected, I believe. It lacked the lore, it worked more to showcase the transformations than to actually show us his life, story, anything before the constant. It's like showing us a short about Wendy, but not showing Abigail. P.S: Looking forward to the Malbatross!
  12. Ok, sir, here's an example to better illustrate my point of view. Let's say, you really enjoy eating bread. You decide to make bread... because you like eating bread. Wouldn't making bread make you happy? wouldn't the expectation of bread, maybe raise your sanity a bit, since you enjoy eating bread so much? It's the same with Woodie! He got a bit of sanity, because he enjoyed chopping trees, and the more he planted, the more he would reap from them later on. He has fun chopping trees with Lucy, destroying trees is just the side-product of it, not the goal. You wouldn't be happy because you destroyed the ingredients, you'd be happy because you ate the bread.
  13. Flowers. Cooked Greencaps. Using your loyal pigmen. Tam o' Shanter. Glommer. Fighting Nightmares. There are various ways to recover sanity, and the sanity drain was even diminished. Sanity is not an issue, it's just... kinda annoying, if you don't know what you're doing :v His quote for Wood is "makes it all worthwhile" His quote for most trees is "It's calling to me!" His quote for Pine Cones is "I should grow it and then chop it down!" If he hated trees, he would also hate wood, or, at the very least, have a quote expressing his despise for them when inspecting, like he has for Birds. Him gaining sanity by planting pine cones hints at him taking pleasure in gathering wood, and not destroying forests. I'm also glad that you seem to have understood the points I made about the Curse, Treeguards and the Monster Meat addition. Good. Finally, I don't mean to sound arrogant, but it seems like you don't play Woodie often, or don't understand how he works as it stands, maybe get to know a bit more about the character and his personality?
  14. Full moon occurs every 20 day, it's no a big downside. Not being able to transform back instantly is not a meaningful downside, it's just a waiting game. More Treeguards means more living logs and monster meat, more living logs means dark sword, which is always good, and monster meat is useful for the idols. No, not half of the players would disagree. Planting is a small but characteristic buff, it's part of what made him endearing. As long as he has actual downsides, I don't mind a simple character-fitting buff. There is a big difference between how much I want the nerf and how much I want this particular buff back. Having to constantly eat logs was part of the curse, it made you be mindful of your meter. Being able to fully control and choose the Wereforms negates this need for mindfulness. A transformation every 20 days for a third of a day is not a big deal. Okay, so Woodie is half pig??? It doesn't have to be the same thing, they could have made it so much more creative. Woodie is not a pig, his curse was wood-based, not a monster meat thing. Well, I don't understand what you are talking about, but okay. This, I completely agree.