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  1. I would like to know if shared accounts will ever be able to get daily gifts as well. Also I havent still gotten a skin drop while playing and im over 10 days in...
  2. Oh really? So im just unlucky then I guess. I'll play for one or two more hours to see if I get one then.
  3. Here's the file: (I copied it just incase I manage to mess something up and delete my saves) client_log – copy.txt
  4. So im playing the game from a steam account that doesnt own the game but can use it via family sharing. Now recently when I decided to play the game again after a break I havent gotten a single gift pop up in the top left corner. Before I used to get them at least once an hour or so. I know that I cant get those login gifts on a shared account and to get those I have to log on the account that actually owns the game on steam. So can I only get gifts while using the account that owns the game? Are family shared accounts excluded from the drop system now or what? Also dont tell me to just use the account that owns the game. I have all of my skins and stuff on the family shared account since I own most of my games on that account as well.
  5. You dont understand... Lets say the skin limit per account is 5 drops per week. Even if you play with a shared account you cant go over 5. Both accounts will count towards the 5. Example: shared account (steam account that is using the game via family sharing) gets 2 skins so the owner account (one that actually owns the game on steam and has shared it) will have 3 skin drops left for that week.
  6. I have everything on the shared account and nothing on the one that has the game bought on steam though... Before you couldnt farm skins because the limit would have carried over accounts so why not do that again?
  7. Still havent gotten a single skin drop. Im pretty sure that family shared accounts are excluded from the new drop system. I would like to know why?
  8. Why are family shared accounts excluded from the new drop system?
  9. It seems like only the account that owns the game on steam gets the daily login skins. I bought the game a long time ago on an account that I dont use anymore so I shared it to my new one so I can play the few games on it whenever I feel like it without having to switch between accounts. It would be nice if shared accounts could claim the daily skin as well. (Of course only one of the accounts that you use would get the skin so you cant exploit it) Also have skin drops in general been disabled for shared accounts? I played for arounf an hour and got nothing. I used to get at least 1 drop in the first 20 minutes or so.
  10. Not receiving daily drops

    I have the same problem.