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  1. I think I found the problem- it's catchable, combined stats, craft pot or food values. I think catchable, going to try disabling just that now. It is catchable, I disabled just that and there's no crash.
  2. Category: Crash Platform: Steam Mods: 60-slot Itembar Auto ReEquip Weapon Auto Tooth Trap Backpack and Amulet Slots Better Chests Better Ice Flingomatic Braixen(used in the game when it crashes) Butterfly Hunter Catchable Combined Stats Craft Pot Display Food Values Extended Map Icons Geometric Placement Health Info Hounds attack prediction Ice Fling Range Check Memory Spike Fix More Plantables Path Lights PIG SHOP Regeneration Save Equipment Slots Save Mod Shelter Simple HUD[DST] Tell me about health Throwable Spears Vermicomposting Waiter 101 v6.31 Wardrobe Warp Gate Wormhole Marks Version: Current Issue title: Beefalo causing crash by being on screen. Steps to reproduce: Going up to a beefalo, pretty much. Issue description: When I go to a savanna where there are any beefalo and get close to one, after a few seconds the game crashes with the error I'm putting an image of below. I disabled all the mods and it didn't crash, so I'm going to try disabling a few at a time and going to the beefalo to see what happens.