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  1. Dear Developer, I genuinely, sincerely think it is a great game. I played many games for decades and Oxygen Not Included is one of the most revolutionary games, if not THE most revolutionary one, as far as my experience goes. However, even though I know it is still in early access stage, there are so many bugs and loose ends. Some bugs seem to be even intentionally left not debugged (c.f., water airlock). I fully understand that the developer would like to add more diverse features so that players find the game interesting for longer span of time but, with all the bugs and loose ends, I find it difficult to call this game a masterpiece. I do believe it's very close to something resembling a masterpiece. However, you should remove all the bugs in the game and make all the ingredients of the game connected and associated much more organically. I would like you to focus on removing bugs and making the game more polished, rather than adding even fancier features. Just two cents from someone who played this game very very long time.