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  1. A long time ago I suggested another recipe involving monster meat and potatoes and it was called "Monster Mashed Potatoes". Didn't go far at all and stat-wise...I dunno; but it sounded like a cool idea for another MM exclusive dish.
  2. I like to use one trap for the Spider Warrior and bait out 3 spiders at a time during the day until the last one in the pod is the Warrior itself. With good practice, one could easily do it without taking any damage. This seems like it would drive me anxious if I tried to do it.
  3. Long term? Personally, I would say Wurt (If Pig King doesn't matter that much to you); lots of good late-game benefits.
  4. What about Suspicious Marbles? You might also be able to get away with putting a Beefalo on top of one; last I checked I think they regen health.
  5. I don't think it's miserable per say, I just think there's not a lot to do besides taking care of yourself and your base (IE waiting until Autumn rolls around to get more stuff done). You can't go collecting resources easily because of the smoldering, Antlion becomes tedious to sink a Thermal Stone on and to fight every year (if you go that route), and overall you can't get much done on the surface compared to the caves. It would be nice if there were more activities to do in summer that you can only do during summer such as an Island that raises up for summer and departs during Autumn or Mirages that attack you when in extreme heat, and drop valuable loot. Summer is fun in the real world, why should it be different in the Constant even with some danger involved? Smoldering I agree needs somewhat of a rework. As it stands, no one looks forward to combating it; not to mention it doubles as an incentive to play hermit for a season.
  6. Well there is a variety of things you could do to achieve a high passive sanity gain in a single area. You could load up a Sisturn with flowers, place Glommer, Friendly Fruit Fly and Chubby Beefalo next to it, and position the sisturn near a celestial fissure as well. You could also wear a Hibearnation vest in combination with a Tam O' Shanter for even more of an effect. Alternatively (hopefully someone here will correct me if my theory is wrong) you could get some Dark Flowers to litter around the Sisturn and wear a Bee Queen Crown instead of a Shanter because the wording on the wiki seems to imply that it would convert half of their insanity aura's into sanity, without inhibiting the sanity aura's of the previous items; thus potentially resulting in even more sanity over time. I'm sure many other users here have much better ideas than the ones I've presented, so I hope this helps at all.
  7. Or at least give alternative methods of acquiring butter outside of killing butterflies. Also I agree with the notion that it would be nice to farm Volt Goats naturally once again, as opposed to the meta "Anenemy-method"; hopefully it would become more viable to do so in the future.
  8. Ngl the title kinda reminded me of this: https://youtu.be/vMau8kqe-oM Other than that I would like to mention that this has been discussed a lot in the past with the general consensus is that it would not only invalidate the prior games, but would also be a huge passion-project with risky outputs. Still a valid idea though.
  9. Truth be told I've been burnt out of DST for a long while now and haven't played either, but I stay for the awesome devs and updates.
  10. Probably better NPC interactions and AI behavior; kinda similar to how you interact with Pearl but even more so. I think it would make the game feel more alive if we had much more animations for mobs and players alike.
  11. I'll save this guide to my signature. Running out of room.
  12. What's funny is Rick said in a video that he thinks beard is pretty awful; kinda the pot calling the kettle black sort of thing lol.
  13. I thought this was gonna be a science question, good thing I'm wrong.
  14. Well you could always just slip @nome a potato cup and hope for the best.
  15. "Oops, you guys haven't explicitly SAID you ate in the last 3 days so you all died of starvation. Oh, and Splumonkeys stole all your stuff while you were ghosts and Chester is dead, wanna regenerate your world?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I would like to burn down the base" says the Willow roleplayer to the DM. "Base? Where even is base?!" replies the Wilson roleplayer. "Dunno, but I ate all the food" exclaims the Wolfgang roleplayer.
  16. You've been blessed with the mythical ScottHansen reaction. May the gods be ever in your favor.
  17. Doesn't Bethesda make you pay for mods though? "Creation Club" I think they call it.
  18. I love that we can pick stuff, go through wormholes, go to the caves, etc; but I would also love to be able to feed them while riding as well. Personally I don't love getting off just to feed them at times.
  19. Thanks for this guide I'll add this to my signature.
  20. Work those leg muscles! Want those meatballs? Ya gotta earn 'em!
  21. The belts from the Year of the Pig King stuck around (albeit a bit less common) so I can't see why not. I'd definitely love to see more Beefalo skins, emotes, and other stuff down the line and this could be a great start towards better Beefalo utility in general.
  22. I chose Summer because I kinda want more content for Summer anyways; and I feel that Spring is Volt Goat's thing.