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  1. After a few hours of planning and changing things around, I finally updated my crock pot recipe list with farming stats such as preferred seasons, nutrient consumption/production per vegetable, and self-feeding crop combinations by season! I even added the new Soothing Tea to the "Special" tab as well. I don't think I'll update the upload page until the full release of Reap what you Sow though.

  2. Just found out that my crock pot recipe guide list was archived...smh. Unfortunately that means I can't upload an edited list, but at least the download still works and I can re-upload it again to a new topic once new recipes get added.

  3. Just found out that, apparently, the pitchfork doesn't break like other tools do. I'm assuming it's because the developers know that you probably won't need more than one pitchfork in your lifetime.

    1. ShadowDuelist


      The devs in 2013: Who would spend hours re-turfing entire biomes anyway?

      The devs a couple of years later: Oh...

  4. Just updated my signature to include a variety of links that, while not specifically guides, are frequently visited / sociable subs. Unfortunately I had to get rid of my little walrus to free up some space so that my signature wasn't gigantic. If you guys can think of anything else you may want me to add be sure to DM me.

  5. Found out that a piece of exquisite art was made during an art stream a long time ago, and I just had to pay tribute to it.....so I made it my cover photo :)

  6. Just changed my username, and wow I feel anxious. I have to wait an entire year before I can do it again, so no "takesies-backsies" for me.

    Ngl, when I did change my name I had a near heart attack because I thought I spelled my name with an "i" instead of an "l"; super worried about spending a year as "Owirus".

  7. I really gotta stop posting so much, I think it's making me look too invasive. I'm gonna try to not respond to anything until the QoL update hits ('gonna try, but don't count on it).

    1. Stunp the tunp

      Stunp the tunp

      Aww man i liked your comments,they are really helpful tho

    2. ShadowDuelist


      I agree with Stunp, I think they are helpful, and fun.
      Most of us here at the forums are mostly people that would talk about DST all day, so I guess we sort of gather here and just do what we know best. I don't think people here will consider your replies invasive.

  8. Now that I've figured out how to put a Walrus on my signature I don't think I'll get to a higher point in my mood than I am now.

    I know.......deep down......that all of MacTusk'dom is smiling upon me! :cheerful:

    1. ShadowDuelist


      Walrus reacts when, Klei