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  1. You can get the sketches by repairing the statues and breaking them on a full moon as well. This will spawn the clockwork variants. Much easier than having to fight off the shadow pieces lol.
  2. I mean I understand the desire for a QoL update, I myself would like to see one; the only problem is that a lot of these are opinions. The problem with nerfing something is that it's subjective on who thinks something should change to begin with, and as a result, most final changes are buffs. Truth is, most of us have our own definition of "balanced" with the same going for the devs; so who has the nerve to say their version of balanced is better? Perhaps the veterans for being the most dedicated. Perhaps the devs for their ownership and vision of their game. Or perhaps the newer players that want a fresh take on an old game. Overall it takes a lot of work to push out a QoL because of the arguments that go into what should and shouldn't be changed. From the way I see it, you can't please everyone, but you can certainly at least try to compromise.
  3. I wish I could say it was RWYS farming, but I still struggle a lot with aspects of it (even with the many guides there are).
  4. As long as nobody would notice, then you're fine. If you dig up a fairy ring near the main base, then yeah, they might not like that. I try to dig up mushrooms in areas I know I won't frequent; such as either of the evergreen forests, but overall I try to keep them around since they grow back during rain; they are, at most, a nice way to get what amounts to a carrot in a crock pot every so often. Again, in my opinion it's not what you dig up necessarily, it's where and how many you dig up that is the issue; digging most of them up within walking distance is kind of like destroying a herd of Beefs, cooking all of the Mandrakes, or burning a bunch of reeds. As for why you might want to, that primarily comes down to you. Blue caps are good for boss rushing, but they can get stale quickly and drain your sanity by a lot, so unless you're speed-running I would personally suggest alternative sources of healing. Green caps are good for sanity gain, but so are Cacti (even better due to how many you can get in bulk as well as restoring health unlike cooked green caps) and sleeping. Red caps are good for Wormwood or in a crock pot, but if you dig them up you would only benefit from having two caps from a single mushroom. Permanently. Overall the benefits are either negligible or detrimental in the long term. However if you are in a remote area that you can almost guarantee no one is going to notice or care, then I say go for it.
  5. Reminds me of a quest from Oblivion where you're asked by a priest who you are, and only one potential answer is humble. I thought that you needed to have some significant status to start the quest so I got a tongue lashing everytime I chose stuff like "Hero of Kvatch!" Or whatnot. It was a fun time...
  6. That is assuming that a spider queen doesn't leave behind a normal tier 1 den when she spawns, which would mean you would need to either destroy the den and re-decorate them (which only Webber can decorate) or shave the den down a couple stages before a queen spawns (also something only Webber can do). Unpopular opinion, but I personally am in favor of the above outcome. I like the idea that you can't just simply get cool decorated dens and bail on Webber for any other character, you actually have to put care and dedication into tending the spiders and dens. Plus I'd really hate to see another awesome character be used as a swap character for their perks.
  7. Overall I think a character should benefit more from their kit than other characters that can take use of it as well. I see a lot of examples with recent character refreshes and Webber's upcoming refresh solidifies the idea for me.
  8. Both make me pretty uncomfortable tbh. Could you add a "neither" option? Lol.
  9. For Winter's Feast we got the gingerbread varg, so I think it would be pretty cool to see a cotton candy Ewecus or something like that for next year.
  10. I definitely think this was a great addition for what it was, and this definitely adds room for more games and such in the future. The thing is though....there's only so much you can do for carnival games with the dynamic we got going with the characters since the way they interact is based on moving or performing an action. Even if there were games involving speed or skill then the player would almost always have the advantage in some way unless you wanted to make it random who wins (which is almost never fun). I'm sure in the future there could be different avenues as to how they are played such as a Whack-A-Mole game where you control a floating hammer and have to click the moles as they pop up or a paper boat game where you use your movement keys to pilot the boat and battle opposing players to be the last one standing. Or perhaps even full-fledged rides that the characters can ride to gain sanity (or lose it based on the character); On that note, if going down that direction could I recommend that Maxwell gain no sanity from rides and Wes gain sanity from all rides as for a little flavor. Thank you for your consideration. Overall I think this was a great update. It didn't add anything super powerful or game-breaking. It may not have had as many games as I would have hoped (at least 5 personally) or as impactful prizes. But it was fun, simple fun that's going to get bigger every year (after 3 years we may have well over 12 games or more depending on how they envision this going forward). And I think a lot of people take simplicity for granted nowadays.
  11. Wurt, but instead of not being able to eat meat she just can't eat anything anymore. A lot of fun for two days.
  12. I mean, for better or for worse in my opinion. The thing that I think a lot of people don't realize is that when you post things on the internet, good or bad, it reflects on your character and changes you very slightly; these are YOUR words, and no one elses. When you are kind online it is because you choose to be kind and to say what you do, same with being unkind and cruel. Many think that because you can hide behind anonymity that it doesn't matter what you say or how you behave; in fact, it's because of this reason I'm willing to bet that a lot of people (myself included) wouldn't have the nerve to say what we do here as in real life with the same gusto. To me, the reason why I think every thing you do changes you a little is because things get easier the more you do them, especially when there is little risk involved; the cruel become more cruel and the kind even kinder. After all, sometimes our smiles can come at the cost of someone else's tears; how you respond to it is what shows a glimpse of your true colors. All in all I try to talk the way here that I do in real life as a general rule, and I haven't had many issues besides a few cruel remarks here and there. But that's normal. I tend not to hold it over anyone because we're all human, and we have great days and bad ones too; we say mean things, and we say the things that bring smiles to people's faces. I can't say I agree with the opinion that this community is toxic because I don't think a toxic community could hate and love Klei the way they do and keep coming back for more. That's all I have to say.
  13. Honestly I always found it annoying how Wurt has all these rules to what she cannot eat, but Wigfrid has a lot of loopholes in what she CAN eat. Jellybeans, Mushy Cake (which is made up entirely of mushrooms btw), Taffy, and Volt Goat Chaud-Froid are things that Wigfrig (a battle-hardened Valkyrie/Actor whom refuses to eat anything that doesn't include meat) can eat; but Wurt cannot eat Leafy Meat (something made of plant material, despite it having "meat" in the name) as an exception. So I ask, why does Wigfrid get all the love?