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  1. More uses for boss items like Thick Fur or Deerclops Eyeballs would be nice. Perhaps used as a turf or structure. Don't know if this has been said before or not.
  2. Hello I am currently in the process of trying to merge my steam account and my epic games account together but I have a concern that I wanted to ask about before I go through with anything permanent. How do you know if the accounts you are merging are on the same email? Whenever I go to the /account/merge page all I see are both epic and steam icons, and when I click on them I just get asked whether I'm sure or not. Considering this process is permanent I am very reluctant to do anything hasty, so I just want to make sure. Thank you for your time.
  3. I'm not sure how controversial it would be to ask this, but could something similar be applied to players as well? At least in the sense that if you get hit by 7 Hounds, Spiders, Splumonkies, or any other mob, you're not guaranteed to be stun locked to death because you got hit by the first guy that landed a hit on you.
  4. Here's a concept for a crafting/general area that I've been working on as part of my base. I'm thinking about putting boss statues on the sides where there's nothing; but mostly because I have no idea what else I can put there.
  5. Just thought of this, but maybe the ability to wax trees (marble and other) and bushes for the sake of decorating without them changing in shape. Or at least something similar.
  6. That's a very beautiful arrangement for chests. Excuse me while I steal this picture for later use. Also, I myself still haven't gotten the metheus chest (cuz I'm suck at the puzzle) so to offer alternative for those who don't yet have the chest, and what I like to use for most generic magic stuff, is the Brute Case.
  7. To be honest crafting tabs are the only viable way to do anything with reworked characters aside from straight stat buffs and clever gimmicks. Almost every character has their own tab or item that needs to be crafted from a tab of some sort. Without them then there's little room for directly acquiring items for that character aside from just starting with them, but that would also mean they couldn't be consumable items that aren't able to be refueled. Directly building with these resources instead of using a crafting tab would be a neat alternative, but hard to pull off in my opinion. Characters in DST with their own personal crafting Tab: Wendy, Wickerbottom, Wes, Maxwell (Codex Umbra), Wigfrid, Wormwood, Winona, Warly (Seasonings), Webber, Wanda, and Walter. Characters with a character-specific craftable in a different crafting Tab: Woodie, Willow, Wendy, Wigfrid, Warly, Wurt, and Walter. That leaves only Wortox, Wilson, Wolfgang, and WX-78 as characters that don't have character specific craftables or their own crafting tab; but only 1/4 of these characters have been finalized, with the other 3 still needing reworks and 1 of them being reworked rather soon.
  8. I'm calling it right now, it's probably gonna involve him being able to go mighty for only a short time as a power. Maybe an item or consumable. Maybe an ability with a cool down, who knows. Perhaps he, like Woodie, will get different forms based on what he's needed for.
  9. Y'know, with threads named like this it's like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna get. It's always 50/50 with these types of threads. Either it's a love letter, or hate mail.
  10. One thing I like to do is similar to what people did before the introduction of Wormhole Skins; place a Moonlens of any type next to an anchor point, but also place an identical gem STAFF next to the corresponding watch in my inventory. I like to use staves because they still represent the gem of their type but also serve a good purpose outside of just identifying the watch; so I usually start with an Ice Staff and a Star-Caller's Staff but if I still have anchor points to spare I'll use a Fire Staff, Lazy Explorer, etc. However if you have like 10 anchor points or more, you're better off just pairing them with an item associative of their location (but if you have that many anchors...I think you have a bigger problem in general). True you're sinking a couple extra slots just to know where you're going, but I like using the Piggyback with her anyways because of how you're able to shorten hikes with the watches so the speed penalty becomes negligable in the long-run.
  11. If he had anything else he can craft that anyone can use he would just be another swap character like Warly or Winona. It's ok for characters to have perks that benefit themselves only, as long as they're able to do something for their team in general. In fact you could even argue that Walter is a great team player due to the special ammunition he can use to aid in a fight, considering most of the "team-based" characters are fighting oriented. Outside of fighting I couldn't tell you what Wolfgang is good for aside from eating all the food, same goes for Wendy or Wigfrid; at least with characters like Maxwell, Woodie, Wormwood, Wickerbottom, and Wurt you can do things to aid your team that doesn't involve combat. It's mostly to counter the fact that he doesn't lose sanity very easily, so that you can still go insane as him if you're not careful. In a sense it's also a pretty good downside as it discourages, as you said, tanking; so that indirectly encourages you to fight from afar. An interesting downside imo that changes the playstyle for players.
  12. I'm terrible at kiting multiple Krampi, especially if my connection is bad. I don't care too much about the sack so I don't really mess with them until I know I want one, besides, for this to even be a situation I would have to go out of my way to spawn Krampus; so nothing really, accidental.
  13. Heck even if you missed the New Moon event, you could do it during a Full Moon to spawn the clockwork variants and get the same sketches if you wanted to. I do it on a Full Moon personally because in the early game I like the extra gears and, ironically, I love using the respective statues as decor .
  14. I'm so glad that I was crazy enough to think they would add new stuff to the rewards page, and so I hoarded all of my points for the occasion. Really excited to see what they come up with.