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  1. Not sure if I got the second one right since there seems to be a divide going on at the moment. Ngl, I had to re-think these multiple times out of anxiety.
  2. I think you pretty much nailed it on the head with this list, although personally I would place the Ancient Fuelweaver in Envy instead of Moose/Goose. His quotes imply a lot of bleak and pitiful events that he believes is his responsibility to rectify, and envious of both the past life he once had and the survivors living in the Constant. All in my opinion of course.
  3. The new Mush Cake crockpot recipe can prevent you from being slowed by Klaus' blue gem deer during their attack since it counts as grogginess. Furthermore, it does the same for the Weremoose when it rams into something that isn't an enemy and you suffer from grogginess.
  4. Dang, sorry for your loss; currently worried about that myself since I got a good thing going with my day 150+ world. Wish there was a way to back-up worlds in the case of a loss (be it accidental or intentional).
  5. I'm sure Klei will take care of it in the most appropriate way they can; loyal patrons and fans of Klei like you are the people that help to bring issues like these to light, so I thank you for that. Unfortunately I cannot say that any of this ordeal surprises me though, some people in this world can do the most messed up things without it even bothering them a little; even scarier when they believe they are justified too.
  6. I wouldn't hate mining salt crystals as much if I could throw a net out and pull them towards me; gets annoying having to fight off the cookie cutters while also trying to not crash the boat just to pick up what you've mined. Other than that, I wouldn't mind if anything you mine on the ocean automatically gets added into your inventory instead.
  7. Was mapping out the mosaic biome when this happened: I call it "Family Feuds". Is it bad I laughed? Family Feuds_Trim.mp4
  8. I personally classify her as a combat character primarily because all of her kit seems to revolve almost exclusively on buffing Abigail for combat. I tend to separate each character into one of 3 categories: Utility, Nomadic/Self-Maintenance, and Combat. How I determine each (in the spoiler below): TL;DR
  9. It would be nice if it were only possible on marsh turf, but even then people would just switch to her for a Tentacle-Trap setpiece wherever they want; I'd hate for her to become even more of a "switch-character" personally. I feel like Wurt offers a new experience not necessarily a new role; people like playing characters that have immediate benefits (like Wigrid of Wendy), so characters like Wurt are kinda like Wes in functionality (as in, an interesting challenge instead of choosing viability).
  10. I mostly just rely on kekp fronds for food; no negative penalities on top of increased benefits make this an awesome treat to snack on (and if you dry them, even better!).
  11. Here's a couple ideas for it that I don't have much confidence in: Why not give it the ability to grind fruits and veggies for a better seed-drop chance than a birdcage? Shouldn't take away from the cage much since you still use the cage for eggs, and would certainly prove to be a great late-game farming tool (plus it would help to give some much needed attention back to improved farms). Instead of the former idea, the tamper may be able to transform normal seeds that are given to it into a random crop seed. A bit less powerful but still pretty niche in my opinion.
  12. That guy's so funny, I personally would love a little mush-guy to follow me around as a critter.
  13. One bloodline is known for their technology and artifacts more advanced than most humans can comprehend...the other makes a good hard-shell taco.
  14. I'm super hyped for this update, but tbh I get bummed out as well because it feels like DST is getting closer to it's death-date with each new content update.