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  1. Wormwood hasn't recieved a skin since his launch, so people have been pretty patient. Its unfortunate since he probably has some of the most potential for some really cool skins. I'm not a master artist or anything, but I really can't see it being absolutely impossible to still do the special effects and 3 transformations in a timely manner. They aren't doing full character sets anymore and besides it wouldn't REALLY take 3x as long, as they are really just adding onto an already completed portion of the skin. They don't just scrap the entire 1st form to make the 2nd. I think the goal here was to complete the original snowfallen set, but it is indeed disappointing that no new characters recieved any skins. It especially feels bad when all the characters in this set have recieved skins in the past two sets.
  2. If you read one of my replies (the ones you confuse emoted ) you can see I already said that I don't think any of the characters are perfect. Woodie is just the worst offender and he already got a rework, unlike the top tier characters you listed who still have a chance to be fixed! Woodie is supposedly "fixed", but he still lacks a downside.
  3. Yeah, again sanity and hunger are negligible at any stage of the game really. If you truly believe that's something that can kill you, then sure. This still would only happen on full moons the rest is at your own leisure. Hey I completely agree downsides fall flat because as I like to say quite a lot hahaha is that DST relies way too much on memory to be challenging. Difference between Woodie's downside and Wormwood's is that Wormwood's changes how you play at least a little bit, you aren't going to be able to just stock up on blue caps, even though like you said there is a plethora of other ways to heal, it is still in my opinion the best downside in game, as in it actually does change how you play. Unfortunately I think Wormwood's perks are counterintuitive... like how his thorns armor encourages him to take damage, when that's the last thing you should want to do. 20 damage on Wormwood is much more urgent as he can't just gobble up like 2 butterflies, unlike Woodie who can. Again more of an annoyance than an actual downside. Look at Wormwood again, this barely changes how you play. I still stand by 20 hp and a minor amount of sanity being absolutely nothing, but again if that's an actual problem for you other characters' with real downsides would be much worse for you. But that's all it is. Boring and annoying. I know you are being sarcastic by saying she is just a Wilson who learns recipes faster, but haha is that not true? Though her downside isn't the sanity drain from reading, its not being able to sleep. Even then.... that's nothing, as established, there is a plethora of other much more effective ways to heal. She totally is just a better Wilson like Woodie, again I'm not saying the other characters are perfect, far from that. I'm just pointing out that Woodie right now truly does not have a downside, which when done right could make for an awesome character. Another difference is that.. Woodie got his rework, the thing that was supposed to "fix" him, whereas Wickerbottom still has a shot. Agreed, Woodie lost what made his character special for me, now he is practically just an unexplained Canadian shapeshifter.
  4. I was including hunger when I said "minor annoyance". I can't think of any scenario where I wouldn't have like two meatballs ready to go at any full moon. Well technically nobody is forcing you to use the totem, but either way I'd say the effects are negligible. The minus 20 sanity is a joke as sanity isn't an issue ever, just another annoyance so I suppose that is just another "minor annoyance". The 20 health really only affects you in the moose form since I assume you would be fighting, but in the other two forms who cares? You are probably just chopping trees or uhh running. But either way its just 20 hp, which is barely noticeably and easily healed after the transformation ends. The loss of sanity from pine cones... isn't a downside, but just something they removed. .And doesn't the tree guard thing not affect werebeaver? Either way its just a tree guard, quite literally the easiest "boss".
  5. I'd hardly call that a downside, since full moons are easily predicted and the random transformation itself is probably just a minor inconvenience or a free transformation that benefits you. Human woodie is really just a wilson who chops faster, and the transformations can't really harm you, even in the rare occasion that its poorly timed, you could probably use the benefits of each one to easily get to safety. So yeah I agree with him that it's pretty nonexistant.
  6. Agreed, that was strange. Even if the lock is temporary, I don't see how "letting it cool down" is going to solve anything really. I didn't really look all too much into what this person was posting so I can't say much there, but either way it seems incredibly silly to be to lock the entire 3 year old thread for just one guy's posts....... who can very well just post again after it is unlocked. Assuming... it is going to be... Still I think it is strange. Why not just make a post saying something like "any further discussion about x will be removed" and suggest making another thread to discuss it, if the topic of the discussion is appropriate of course. That would probably help make everyone happy.
  7. I don't understand this one bit. DS is dead, it factually is. It has far less players and a DLC designed for DST would have been much more beneficial to Klei. I love Klei too, so why should they keep wasting their time making content for a game they will barely get anything in return for? Hamlet was free for beta testers, and I pointed out why giving it out for free like that was silly already. But, people did pay for Hamlet, so even that argument doesn't work here.
  8. Oh no, this is disappointing and the kind of thing I was afraid of. As many have pointed out, Hamlet is unfinished. Most of us were expecting a delay. This release really does seem to just be a rush job to get Hamlet out of Klei's hair. Was this the result of lack of resources? Time? Team members? If it was the result of any of these reasons I listed, I really do believe you should consider merging the DST and DS single player teams. The time to drop DS single player is long over due, if the time spent on developing Hamlet was instead spent on a massive DST DLC like update, I think Klei would be in a much better situation. Giving away 12k copies for free was indeed very silly and made 0 sense from a business stand point. Was it just to have an excuse for Hamlet to release like this? I'd like to not believe that, but eesh. Starting a DLC for an already dead game who's sequel is flying off the steam shelves was a questionable decision. You are both very talented teams and I believe it would be extremely beneficial for you guys to stop trying to keep DS single player alive for whatever reason, DST is more popular in a much better position. All of your hard work and creative ideas would have been so much better off if they were designed with DST in mind.
  9. I'm not entirely sure this is a bug, but I hope it is! I noticed that one of Willow's tiny downsides is that she becomes frozen faster, which includes ice staff in PVP! So, I think its weird that Bernie is unable to attack other players in PVP, but he can attack other mobs. I hope this is a bug because with Bernie Willow could be more interesting to play in PVP.
  10. I still believe its sad that you expect this kind of thing. This should be unacceptable. Its not fair for people who didn't sign up for any of the EA stuff to have to pay the price. I also don't think its okay to release updates not tested like the QOL update was, ESPECIALLY since it wasn't part of the Hamlet beta. I don't see how its realistic to expect an update to a DLC you might not even own to mess with the base game. This is why things should be thoroughly tested. In my eyes, EA is for players to catch bugs the devs might have missed, NOT testing absolutely everything for them. At the very least test basic features included in the update......This just looks really bad for Klei and would have especially looked bad to any new players who bought the base game when the QOL update released. They wouldn't have even been able to play!
  11. That's pretty sad that you expected that. I had enough faith in Klei to believe that they would be able to release updates to an EA DLC without entirely breaking the completely unrelated base game.
  12. I might be misunderstanding you, but the QOL update had nothing to do with Hamlet. Early access doesn't apply to it at all. It released on the main branch. Hamlet might have still been in early access when it released, but it didn't have anything to do with Hamlet. The QOL update was intended to refine the base game, which is long finished. Which it didn't really refine anything at all..... The point is, the QOL update had nothing to do with Hamlet so you can't really use the EA excuse to defend it. As Caochu said there is no warning message about the game being in EA if you aren't using Hamlet. This update wasn't for Hamlet.
  13. Well, here is the video : The comment from klei is pinned. I understand bugs too, we are in EA I get that , but these are basic features. Beefalo riding was completely broken at the launch of the update along with the scrolling in crafting tab crash. All I am saying is it is clear the update was rushed out without testing, people are just worried that this will happen with the next update. We would all much prefer a delay than releasing the game broken. They said its scheduled to release in April, right? That's why we are worried. Its mid April and nothing so far, we don't want them to release a big chunk of content that ends up destroying the game as badly as the QoL update did so close to launch. They should take their time and test it. I don't think being in EA should give you an excuse to release completely broken updates. As you said, bugs are expected, but the QoL update was more than a few expected bugs.
  14. Even if that specific bug didn't happen to you (which is a little strange because it was a confirmed bug that got patched in the hotfix...), the update was still unacceptable. As Roosev said, it was painfully obvious that the update was rushed. These basic bugs would have been found almost instantly if it were actually tested. I also don't expect every update to be perfect, but its easy to see that the QOL update was a horrible mess put together at the last minute. Klei themselves wrote an apology on a youtube video showcasing some of these bugs because the update was just that extremely broken. They admitted that the update was broken and below their standards. "To be fair, when we named it the Quality of Life Update, we never actually specified if it would be a better quality. /s Jokes aside, we're working hard on getting this fixed up ASAP. We really appreciate the bug reports on the forums, it's helping us sort this out and we thank everyone for their patience. Stay tuned for updates. Sorry for the less than stellar roll out on this now ironically named update."