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  1. Abigail's flower animation is wrong when dropping it
  2. Wormwood still take damage from harvesting Spiky Bushes and Cactus while wearing a Bramble Husk.
  3. Wood Gate and Wood Fence can be built on water.
  4. Royal Crown and Regal Scepter can be stolen by Krampus and eaten by Eyeplants, that's because they don't have "irreplaceable" tag.
  5. if you put Bundled Supplies into water, it sinks. This makes any irreplaceable items (suck as Key to City) that are put in Bundled warp disappear if player doesn't use a Trawl Net.
  6. If you put Nettle or "dug_nettle" into Navigadget, it can't locate Nettle Vine.
  7. Glowfly Cocoons not formed by Great Leafy Stalks still count as Glowflies, meaning that they can be caught with a Bug Net, and moving too far away causes them to despawn.
  8. The Brain of Thought doesn't show City Planning Tab.
  9. If the player get poisoned and eat Magic Water, it doesn't cure poison, although it has "poisonhealer"component in its file.
  10. Game crashes when the player burns Magic Flower and then dig up it.
  11. Pherostone can be stolen by Krampus and eaten by Eye plants, because it doesn't have "irreplaceable" tag.
  12. 1. Sliver Necklace lack a icon on minmap, so you are hard to find it if lost. 2. Sliver Necklace lack float animation, so if you put it into water, it should sink, but since it has irreplaceable tag, it cann't, so it neither sink nor float in water.
  13. Stone Egg can be brought out of Hamlet world via Skyworthy. It doesn't drop when using Skyworthy.
  14. You get overheating as long as you hold more than one Thermal Stone in your backpack.
  15. Claw Palm Tree and Cocooned Tree may spawn Vipers and Scorpions after being burnt
  16. Ice Flingomatic may auto target Limpet Rocks and never target anything else.
  17. Wormwood's health still affected by food

    You could say what kind of food is.
  18. Spiky Bush, Bramble and Bramble Bloom lack a icon on minimap.
  19. Bramble Bloom will grow another after the player save the game and reload, even if the old Bramble Bloom is not destroyed.
  20. Root Trunk lacks a icon on minimap.
  21. Characters do not have specific examination quotes for the Hedge items.
  22. Characters may disappear after placing a Hedge in an interior
  23. Cocooned Tree disappear after being burnt, it can sill be chopped.
  24. Striking Carving dosen't have quotes when characters examine it.
  25. Key to the City and Executive Hammer can be stolen by Krampus and eaten by Eyeplants, although they are irreplaceable.