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  1. Another new character arrived and this time he comes accompanied by a beautiful puppy! Walter and Woby are the new sensation of the game and I couldn't help but make it a furry version, right? Lol
  2. I was supposed to do a Warly furry, since now he belongs to together too lol And as he has a shaggy hair, there was no other animal but the sheep for him lol
  3. I love him before taking Kramps' soul and I like this one too lol Thank you, I changed if it wouldn't be too red lol, although I could use the blue color of the ship, right? I didn't even think about it at the time lol I'm playing these days before my daughter was born lol .... after she is born I don't think I will be able to draw anytime soon or play, so I decided to make my family with clothes from the characters we played lol
  4. It’s been a long time since I posted here, but it’s been a while since I don’t do a Don't Starve fanart lol... I love Wortox, I think he's the cutest of all the characters!
  5. I wanted one of those pajamas lol ... but mine would be jolteon's lol
  6. And my last fanart of the cute Wurt, and of course I had to make her a Pokémon lol
  7. Ah I love making them ashamed, I think it's cute lol One more saved and finished lol .... I still have another Wurt fanart, tomorrow maybe post it here lol
  8. This was another one that I had shelved. Oh how good it is to finish lol
  9. Lol was going to be cute, but it was really going to fight the two lol Ouhnt thank you very much S2 S2
  10. I've been quite gone here, right? I even drafted this drawing there when Wurt came up, but some things happened and I couldn't finish it. Now that I'm freer I finally got it lol
  11. I decided to make a Wigfrid in the style of Japanese design, I have not done it in a long time!
  12. Thank you! These two together is a good double lol, besides being cute together lol
  13. I tried to make a shade style like this and until I think it's cool lol Wortox and Wigfrid would be a good duo! It kills and it takes the souls, and if it needs general healing also
  14. Lol at the time I started to get around I forgot to do some details on the sides, but how cute it was to leave it the way it was Wormwood does not know that manure does not heal Wig, poor thing lol
  15. I made a wigfrid selling helmets lol