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  1. I’m happy to see that the console edition of DST is getting more attention this year, so I figure now is a good time to mention the Poison Birchnut Tree issue I’m having. I have seen online in forums and videos the use of the Weather Pain to quickly defeat the Poison Birchnut Tree, but every user that mentions or shows this is on PC. I imagine this is an intended feature of the Weather Pain (hence why it is still a feature) so I tried using it on my Xbox in vain. The Xbox won’t allow me to target the Poison Birchnut Tree (by clicking the left stick) so I can’t directly hit it with a shot. I’ve also tried to hit it with a “ricochet” from another tree but, that failed too. I don’t know if this is an issue with the Poison Birchnut Tree, the Weather Pain, the target lock ability, or something else entirely. Again, I say this under the assumption that this is an intended feature, but if it isn’t, please advise.