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  1. Definitely not a pathing issue thanks. See the latest update where setting priority to Top/Yellow alert is a workaround. I have several build orders scattered around the map (which I hope isn't unusual behaviour!) and none of them are seeing any action. This is not a big priority or show stopper btw. I've started fresh with a new QOL3 build instead. I've kept the related saves around this and am very happy to work towards a fix in case this is some kind of late game (cycle 1438) bug.
  2. Thanks for the help, tried that definitely! Aka "Find attached a screenshot of an Idle builder with all priorities except build turned off and build set at max." I've tried rolling back to earlier saves too and have pending build orders at cycle 1437 and once they're done at 1438 they all switch to supply/other priorities and ignore existing build orders regardless of 1~9 priority with no luck. On the not-quite-plus side I can set build orders to !! Top Priority (Yellow alert) and they get acted upon.
  3. I've lots of build orders that are now no longer being actioned for some reason. I've tried a full reload but sadly no luck with that. Just prior to this happening I was making some adjustments to my priorities so its likely that's where things started to go wrong. The other, most recent change was allocating new skills to create a doctor. Unlikely to be related but it's about the only other recent stand-out change in typical behaviour. Find attached a screenshot of an Idle builder with all priorities except build turned off and build set at max. I'm running Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS and have included an lshw.out file for you to check out for details. 20190419_BuildFail00png lshw.out.gz
  4. FYI Everyone, keep your astronauts locked into their capsules. It looks like they're still eligible to launch as a result. If you gantry them out, they'll appear with zero skill points and need to be trained up from scratch. Might be fixed later, but this is a simple way to deal with the problem going forward. I'm midway through rebuilding my rocket base so can't launch at the moment. If someone could chip in and let us all know if this workaround does the trick, please do.
  5. Hi there @Saturnus, could this build be improved by allowing the green output pipe from the Thermo Regulator to take precedence over output from the first temp check valve with a bridge? In the current approach it would be held up by any backed up traffic going to the reservoir via the second output temp check I reckon. If instead there was a bridge after temp check #1 with it's green arrow just after the Thermo Regulator output, then a pipe blocked condition from the regulator should only result from a full reservoir etc. I tweaked my copy of this on my Metal Recycler and it seems to have helped.
  6. A big workforce up front can be whittled down by training them to astronaut and locking them into automated rockets. They cease to exist for all intents. Same trick applies to command capsules+engine then deconstruct engine. Rinse repeat and call them stasis pods. No need for gantries as tile walkway works fine when engine is gone. All my flatulent dupes are now in a stack of stasis pods which they probably prefer to magma where they belong!
  7. Thanks for the great help everyone! Reverse Liquid Over Vent I'll have a play with the reverse vent trick, stacking a lighter liquid on top of the crude and see how that goes. Door Pump In the meantime I've already implemented a door based pump for my crude silo, which seems to be doing great using Mathmanican's Door Pump Logic. Found out the hard way to use air-tiles above/below the doors too lol. Molar Mass Thanks especially to @f4rtux for the detail on the oni database regarding molar mass. I've put them in order here to cap this post off. Common Liquids by Molar Mass 10.00 - Visco-Gel* 18.02 - Water 20.00 - Polluted Water 82.20 - Petroleum 102.2 - Naptha 250.0 - Supercoolant* 500.0 - Crude Oil
  8. Thanks from me too for the update @Leto5. I just posted a question on more details on the clock, but then found the meteor specific version later in the post you linked. Here's a direct one for others too Direct Link to Meteor Clock in Saturnus' Post. As a result of rolling this in have you modified any of the original buffer/filter gates, 200s +64s for example?
  9. If possible can someone help out with how to determine liquid weights? I've found a great chart on Reddit by Saltyteabag there. However it's out of date in terms of new liquids like Visco-Gel & Supercoolant. I tried a quick and nasty check with a bottle emptier into a 1 tile wide pit, but found some liquids simply deleted others rather than stack up by tile for some reason. I was just doing this in survival as it's all I know. Here's the old liquids stacked by weight from Saltyteabag but not as a nice picture sorry: - Water - Polluted Water - Petroleum - Naptha - Crude Oil It looks like I'll be using the door compression approach for bulk silo storing Crude Oil as it doesn't appear to have a heavier liquid to trap for liquid-over-vent approach! Thanks for that one @Lifegrow
  10. Entire Map View

    Great stuff thank you Saturnus. I can't see this on any of the control menu options. With Alt-S I can pan out to the entire asteroid at long last. Now to find a good place to put that top to bottom transport spine I should have built 1000 cycles ago... Fellow Newbies, I didn't realize there were several subsets to the left/right of the "Options -> Controls -> Customize Keys" Including - Global - Navigation - Building - Debug - Sandbox - Tool - Management The ability to set a Navigation point (e.g 1+Ctrl) and jump to it (1+Shift) certainly will be saving me some time hopping around landmarks on the map!
  11. On various tutorials I've seen someone zoom out to a huge map of the entire complex, or perhaps explored areas. Can someone let me know the key, or mod required to do this please?
  12. Metal volcano Tutorial

    This works great! I'm using it on a crazy good gold volcano (seed 963372579) which is apparently 87% better than standard. Well over 100tn gold now, with little effort thanks to this excellent build. I ran into some problems with it, mainly due to my inexperience with the game. So for the other noobs on here too: - Vacuum out the volcano area, it keeps the molten metal liquid allowing it to build up and eventually overflow into the cooling tile area. I had enough natgas in the area to allow the liquid to form into gold bars sitting just under the volcano itself. Some manual handling of hot stuff was required to get them into the tamer. - Flatulent Dupes must Die! I've trained mine up as an astronaut and locked him in a capsule instead. Finally figured out why all my vacuum/liquid lock areas were "spawning" natgas. Worst dupe trait in the entire game I reckon! - I've rotated the sweepers to be 3 tiles high (vertical instead of horizontal) and "dipped" them in the water. This seems to have arrested their overheating over time quite nicely. Perhaps I was doing something wrong and there's a better way? The tempshift plates in vacuum certainly didn't seem to be helping.
  13. I love the maintenance access you’ve tucked in there too. Many thanks for this and past tutorials!
  14. Late game goals

    For me at cycle 1000+ its all about having things nailed down enough to have skilled dupes backed by a completed research tree able to try stuff out now there isn't anything life threatening going on. Lock down space with door munchers or autominers? Cooling options there? Rocket base automation & rego management, How to do steam deletion properly/cheaply/better? Door pumps or gas pumps? Automation tweaks? Volcano taming, Gas/Liquid Silos using door pumps or liquid-over-vents, Oil biome lockdown and tidy up, Redesign industrial complex, redo my top/bottom spine travel/power/water/gas distro layout, Oil boiler, hydroponic/sweeper layouts and automation, dupe rocketeer training facility, Vacuum seal layer around core base, ranching optimization, core base cooling redesign, vent taming, chlorine kitchen redesign... Once the above is sorted I've still a lot more to do and once my notes are updated I'll be able to test drive the new processes on a start-from-scratch. Nope, definitely not bored at 464hrs on steam here...