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  1. And I'm back again with these beautiful little critters!
  2. Phew, finnaly managed to come on time and actually make something this time (nowletshopeillmakeitintostream)
  3. I felt like doing this one on real paper (sry for the bad lighting)
  4. Heya again! Sorry I haven't come so much, a lot of things happening and currently at my aunties house, but I'm glad I could actually make it this time! So here's my stuff! (I also wanted to draw the lightbug but i ran out of battery and time )
  5. this is probably the best ive done so far, I am very proud :3
  6. this is one I made a while back, when I was just starting with digital art, so its not that good :3
  7. sorry I was gone for a while, had to do lotsa preparations for oldest sis' wedding so I couldn't be here much but here's my works!
  8. took me some time to figure a pose (and draw the hands) but I've done it!
  9. haia! finnaly back with something, so here's the fluffy boy!
  10. heyo! sorry that i wasnt at the stream last time. I fell asleep 10 mins before it started. anyways, here's the thing I did!
  11. hey! I am new and this is my first time posting anything and I am really happy to have found and be a part of this community! I also hope you like the dragonfly art I made!