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  1. Thanks.I only consider gas conflict an exploit Won't the regoliths overheat your scanners?
  2. Inspired by Space turbine from SkunkMaster and the Pyramid solar panels build,i think if we conbine those together they will produce a lot of energy.So i made this.I'm gonna build this in a survival game but it still needs optimizing.Can u guys help me?Details are in the spoiler (Sorry about my bad english xD) What do u guys think about this?Pls let me know so that i can adjust it(or maybe can u pls adjust it for me :v)I'm thinking about make a way to add water to the turbine chamber and adding a liquid shutoff to stop the loop when the petro gets too cold. Here is the save file DSPP.sav
  3. Do solar panels create heat?If i put those in vacuum,will they overheat?
  4. Ok ty Maybe in those build i saw they use window tile made of diamond for higher overheat temp
  5. I'm still new to this game so i can't do everything myself.I need to learn :v.The first time i go to this forum i was like:"WTH is this even a game?You guys must be freaking scientists"
  6. Ok.Diamond window tile and metal tile,which is better at conducting heat and handling high temperature?
  7. So in a survival game i just need to build a oil refinery? i think that's ok but a oil boiler won't require dupe's operation and delete 50% oil anyway
  8. what is inside the pipe anyway? Can you show me the details?
  9. And maybe if the temperature is high enough oxygen and hydrogen might combine into water UwU
  10. Hi guys.I have a few question : 1. Is making a artificial boiler better than the machine?I have 2 nat geyser so i want to get petro not nat gas. 2.I have a cool slush geyser just 10 tiles away from a gold volcano.Should i use it to cool the hot gold?If yes how should i do that?