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  1. Seal your left side. All that metal tile is exposed to your base and not giving you a full control of that liquid temperature. Make it look like the right side then the cold should get colder again. I have a hard time with domesticating sleet wheat as it needs fresh water and also to be -5.
  2. Heating up my plants...

    Its just drinking more cold water than your warm air can handle. Maybe if you had a larger system with more heat coming in it could work. I've always ran mine playing with the temp of whatever the plant is drinking. Might come down to SHC and air is much more spread out than liquid.
  3. I was doing a double petrol fuel on a generator. Trying to use both petrol or ethanol depending. Doesnt accept both fuels which is fine. However if I have to switch from one to the other, the generator always has a miniscule amount of the previous fuel left inside. Will not reactivate unless I deconstruct. WAI?
  4. My conductive wire bridges are overloading and capped at 1810/2000 W on the circuits. They are however in this makeshift solar farm I made Surrounded by all sorts of shine bugs and built on Glass Tile made of diamonds