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  1. What is it like 20 bucks? I am like at 350 hours. Name a game that has that cost to playtime ratio. It would also be a good value! Your gonna want to put up a clock somewhere around you or just alt tab a lot for time. Or just ignore it and dont open the blinds.
  2. Airflow Help

    Just take the automation off of the single hydro generator for now. Always have that hydro generator charging your batteries even at full. Itt'l waste the hydrogen but burn it off until ypur ready to use the excess.
  3. So what are those biomes? Lets get some patch notes or like some features perhaps? Please?
  4. Now does the oil refinery take less energy when you do that I wonder. Isn't the natural way to convert petrol around 600? So if you get it halfway there in a refinery does it draw less power?
  5. After I have my SPOM up and runninng and I switch to or off of coal, I end up with too much of either co2 or o2. Im thinking of just venting off too space as I dont want a slickster farm and Im thinking of grabbing some mouth breather dupes for o2 saturation. Otherwise Im running max gas pressure in too many locations causing packet backups, spom shutdowns and power loss.
  6. Always good to not have branches off the main water line. Just run it horizontaly through the inputs or outputs
  7. Inbound is white. Outbound is green.
  8. Just put a metal box around some regolith. Put in drywall a gas pump and a liquid vent. Have a liquid valve running to it from outside so u can adjust. If you have bunker doors above it drop regolith on top of it to add more heat later. Should get you to petrol rockets
  9. Atmo suits

    I find if your running more than one atmos station and dupes have access to both from the outside ittl get messed up. Or your airlock room has no air for them to breathe upon return. Thatt'l force a drop as well. Open your base door and ittl flow some in for a simple fix.
  10. My conductive wire bridges are overloading and capped at 1810/2000 W on the circuits. They are however in this makeshift solar farm I made Surrounded by all sorts of shine bugs and built on Glass Tile made of diamonds