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  1. Oxydizer isnt needed for steam rockets. You probably need to cut some weight. I think theres a website for rocket calculations. Your going to have to google it though..
  2. Exact kind of thing I had in my head. Think it could move all around somehow without leaking and move heat around?
  3. I want to surround the base with water. Using diamonds and window tile. Im thinking 3 tiles wide at least. Have east and west entrances with some sort of perpetual waterfall system. I'd love to fill it with pacu but that leaves out saltwater. Unsure if water locks would work anywhere in this system. Especially if I can make North or South Entrances to the base Anyone have some ideas or tried this?
  4. No real starting algae...

    Ferns only pressurize 1:1. So as you expand your going to have less and less CO2 to have them making enough pressure. Watch your air/water locks and send in some co2 from industry to the bottom of your base/oxyferns if needed.
  5. Im on like Cycle 756 maybe 980? or something in the current one on aboria. Found all the geyser I think. Just got a small space station up and did all my observatory stuff so I can move my telescope underground. Cooling in space is the hardest challenge I find. Spoms with AETN is how im staying alive. Current map has 3 and have 2 up and running. Just got jet pack system done and now its lag for days. Need to get a giant steel bunker wall built so they stop pathing for vole meat and ore. Next is a rocket launchpad. Rolling about 16 dupes. 4 nat gas gens 1 coal and 2 petrol gens. Also have 3 hydro gens burning off extra hydrogen as detected.
  6. I'm on my 15th base 400 hours deep. Still a challenge still getting better each build. Just focus on water food o2 and temp. Get a hold on that fast and then ittl be easy to get up in the 100's of cycles.
  7. Gate charity

    I havent made fertilizer once on aboria. Going on 700 cycles now. Gogo charity!
  8. How about some gas/liquid bridge extenders too? I got so much plumbing a variable bridge would clean it up a lot
  9. I was doing a double petrol fuel on a generator. Trying to use both petrol or ethanol depending. Doesnt accept both fuels which is fine. However if I have to switch from one to the other, the generator always has a miniscule amount of the previous fuel left inside. Will not reactivate unless I deconstruct. WAI?
  10. Generator>Battery>Transformer (when needed)>Circuit. You can have your heavies feed into your tranformers and have 1kw or 2kw wires coming off. I like putting a big Heavy watt network outside the perimiter of the base and feed in seperate circuits as needed. Then when your out exploring or setting up industry, just plug it into the heavy watt wire as it can take 20kw.
  11. Or you can set up a gas element sensor for the Hydrogen. If your SPOM isn't too compact and you have excess Hydrogen floating around. Otherwise you can put a valve on the gas going into the generator and control it that way. Bleeding off just enough. I never got the right amount going to fully automate the excess for power. I'd either drain all the hydrogen or it would eventually backup. Tweak it though, should find a magic number.
  12. Gotta take the sleep when it comes unless your comfy with a sporadic schedule. Get eye drops for dry/tired eyes. Might buy you some time. Lower brightness on monitor too.
  13. If you can get the AETN in a cold biome you're set. Dig out the volcano and chuck a bunch of oil on it. That will drop it to under 100 degrees. You can then run a sweeper and conveyer into your cold biome and let it just sit there till it drops temp right next to the AETN.
  14. Aquatuner. Have the aquatuner in some liquid in a hotzone and insulate all the pipe. I've stuck mine right in the CoolSteamVent before. Other people like to use petrol. Only set it up if you got time cause i believe domesticated beans are still 24 cycles. Maybe 12 with fertilizer.
  15. If you can cool it its also used to grow nosh beans!