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  1. Can't believe they haven't addressed this yet. Now i'm starting to believe this is an Xbox issue because I created a new account just to test purchasing and it allows me. Trying to explain this to Xbox Customer Service is nil because none of them are gamers or tech savvy.
  2. It's definitely a glitch on both parties Xbox and klei I posted three pictures in the order that it instructs me when trying to purchase the skins and the last picture is a glitch in Xbox because even though you switch it back to on or off it automatically prevents you from purchasing from the klei store any other purchases on Xbox works fine but this setting particularly for some reason triggers Klei's servers not to be able to link to your account. Trying to explain this to Microsoft over the phone is like plucking hairs out of your nostrils with your bare fingers lol. This setting should not be on Xbox because it already has an initial custom settings for how you purchase your items so I'm not sure why they have another option to switch it on or off and it's these three pictures that is causing the problem I did several tests on another Xbox and it's definitely something in these three pictures that's causing it hopefully this helps klei out as well.
  3. I posted on this a few weeks ago as well. I'm having the same exact issue and it's definitely a setting on Xbox and Klei's side because I'm able to make any other game purchases thru the Microsoft store. It would just be easier if they add all of these items to the marketplace. Have no problem on PS4 as i'm purchasing it the same way ☹
  4. Having the same exact problem for the Xbox One. Just got off the phone with Microsoft and they said it must be on Klei's end because I can purchase Microsoft store content no problem. Been trying to purchase the skins for over a week now. Ps4 had no problems. Thanks for this post hopefully they are looking into this so they can start getting paid