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  1. WereMoose Discussion Thread

    Let me rephrase this moose is pretty good but woodie us stronger. I'm gonna turn super saiyan but my normal formal is actually stronger.
  2. WereMoose Discussion Thread

    Yeah well im on ps4 for so no cheating for me whatsoever
  3. I just thought about it . I guess he would be op in the beginning mix with wortox in the very early game.
  4. Can we have a word from developpers as of when can we expect Woodie rework update on console?
  5. I still think weremoose should be a late game transformation. Think about it, the more days you go through the more useless weregoose become since when you get a dark sword and healing food/item Woodie become stronger then moose which I dont think it make sense. Moose idol should cost like 6 living log+++ for a big buff in power cause the way it is now his fighting mode still is too weak. He need more power.
  6. On retrofit worlds

    Extremely glitchy. Beefalo kicking me off before time. My friends cant get into cave. They get disconnected.
  7. [Game Update] - 141

    At least 5 of my dst friends is having this loading into the game issue. So I'm guessing a lot of people are having problem at the moment