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  1. And yes it does work on ps4. I did it 3 times, know at least 2 other couples that did it ps4. And met another couple who did it yesterday all on ps4. There is at least 4 persons that I know who did it on ps4 in this topic.
  2. Any world will work no need to make a new, but make sur both of you are in a the time. More people can be in the world at the time to help but I wouldnt recomment the other people to be close to the chest when putting the items in, only the 2 person that are attempting the puzzle should be close to the chest. Also if you get crow or butterfly in the puzzle they need to be alive obvioulsy. For people that dont know you can feed butterfly flowers to keep them alive and seed to crows. Btw funny thing. When done you can exit the game right away and open your present then rollback if you are interested in keeping your item but I really did that because I was to lazy to exit the cave running the third time.
  3. When you go the website to do the puzzle they ask to login trough whatever account you are playing in. Basically Im on ps4 did it with my pc and my friend is playing on ps4 did it with his mobile.
  4. Basically on console you cant teleport using command so you will have to find the chest physically in the rune. When you finish the second puzzle, you in your partner will each get a set 6 symbole and rune each (lets call it that for now). That will reprensent the order, the items and the quantity of item you need to place in that chest that you need to find in your cave. The password will go according to this sheet here hope that help.
  5. [Game Update] - 367948

    I just thought about it . I guess he would be op in the beginning mix with wortox in the very early game.
  6. [Game Update] - 367948

    I still think weremoose should be a late game transformation. Think about it, the more days you go through the more useless weregoose become since when you get a dark sword and healing food/item Woodie become stronger then moose which I dont think it make sense. Moose idol should cost like 6 living log+++ for a big buff in power cause the way it is now his fighting mode still is too weak. He need more power.
  7. [Game Update] - 141

    At least 5 of my dst friends is having this loading into the game issue. So I'm guessing a lot of people are having problem at the moment