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  1. woodie refresh on early september!!! (with a short movie) anyway back to memes
  2. Yes, when you send this photo I instantly thought of using it, it’s perfect in this context XD
  3. ok, but maxwell can chop more trees at the same time, the Werebeaver consume to much sanity and it his not really strong for late game, and in early-game is not to much cheap become the Werebeaver for the sanity, ok you can plant pinecone to restore the sanity , but wormwood also has this mechanic, and this is not the only wormwood perk. The only unique perk is the boost for the friendship with the pigs or the bunnymen, but thay can also chop trees, so woodie has no problem with wood in mid/end game, also because there are wood farms (like using the bearger). I really like to can become a monster but it's not very usefull, so I prefer some other characters, I hope in a great refresh for him. anyway this is a meme forum, so don't talk about this problem, there are a lot of thread dedicated to woodie's discussion.
  4. yeah, "endgame" has copyright and if I write it wes will enter in my house and will kill me for the spoiler Ok, I fixed it, only some copyright problem....
  5. For the 100 reputation....here there is a small wes collection
  6. I've been 4 hours for making this image, but I made it only because there is WES
  7. I know, that eyes aren't creepy but I want to leave them