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  1. Two issues with wrangling sweetle larva. A) Sweetle larva does not have a wrangled animation if wrangled during the night. The sleep animation continues to play after wrangling B) Auto-wrangle does not work on sweetle larva. See steps to reproduce: 1. Build a room with one sweetle, one sweetle larva, a grooming station and a critter drop off. 2. Enable auto-wrangle surplus and tick only sweetle 3. Build a second room with a grooming station and critter drop off. 4. Enable sweetle larva on the critter drop off in the second room. 5. Checking the critter drop off in room one, relocate critter task is 'Pen status OK' and the skilled dupe remains idle. The sweetle larva can not be relocated using critter drop offs in the same way other critters in the base game could be.
  2. Played through to summer, entering volcano multiple times in every season without any crashes. I was in the volcano collecting elephant cactus in Monsoon Season when it changed over to the Summer. I dont think elephant cactus is supposed to be available in monsoon season, but I wasn't going to miss this opportunity to get digging. Left volcano and came back and it's still working. The next day is when I started having problems. I saved the file at Volcano 1-517. Everytime I go to my base and come back the game crashes. Testing I have conducted, each time reloading the save to isolate volcano crashing: Leaving and immediately entering back into the volcano - working Currently day time - waited till dusk - entered the volcano - working When leaving the volcano there is rain - rain finsihed during the second segment of dusk - enetered the volcano - working Exited volcano - sailed to base, did not leave boat, waited till dusk, sailed back to volcano and entered within dusk - working Exited volcano - sailed to base, left boat, took twigs and flint, jumped back into boat, sailed back to volcano, entered during dusk - working Exited volcano - sailed to base, left boat, took 2 thermal stones from fridge, jumped back into boat, sailed back to volcano, entered during dusk - crash. Thermal stones were dark blue, no longer white. I also had the wet meter up. Conducting investigation of Thermal stones and water meter. Put on dumbrella before leaving volcano Retrieved one thermal stone and placed into main inventory, not the krampus sack. There is no wetness Entering volcano at dusk Thermal stone is dark blue Crash Repeated steps above minus this exception Waited till thermal stone was neutral Entering the volcano at dusk Crash Bringing a Thermal stone with you while entering the volcano causes the game to crash. Bringing a Thermal stone with you while entering the volcano causes the game to crash.
  3. Similar if not same error occuring for myself. Running Version 1.13 on PS4 Did some troubleshooting: Loaded game when in the Hail season Played through to summer and entered the volcano on summer day 1. The volcano was generated for the first time and then my game crashed before finishing the creation. I loaded the save from the cloud. I was back to Hail season because I never saved my game. I know that I wasted a whole days of work. Went straight to the volcano incase the generation was bugged. Volcano loaded perfectly - ran around, everything was good. I did not re-enter the volcano Played through to summer and on day 1 of summer entered the volcano. There was no volcano generation screen. The game attempted to load the volcano but crashed again. Silly me didn't save my game file before entering the volcano. Before restoring I tried the following: Made PS4 Primary Device. Checked logged into PSN > yes > attempted to load saved game > crash Logged out of PSN - attempted to load saved game > crash Signed backed into PSN and restored save file back from the cloud and I'm back to the hail season. It's Shipwrecked 1 Day 421. I saw this thread and attempted the following Went straight to the volcano, it went through the generation. Left volcano Entered the volcano - worked Left volcano Entered Volcano at dusk - worked Entered the Volcano at night - worked Waited till next day Entered the volcano - worked Left volcano I loaded my Krampus sack with the items I remember taking with me. (This won't be 100% accurate but fairly close) Game loaded fine. Volcano worked multiple times through monsoon season. I'm playing as wickerbottom so can't sleep. Used meat effigies and life giving amulets to die and fast track to summer season - still took me several hours. First day of summer - no inventory > entered volcano... With most frustration - it loaded. 3 play throughs and the third time worked. I'll be playing through again properly to summer season and regularily entering the volcano. Ill be backing up to the cloud before I enter everytime. If it happens again I'll have a before and after save file for investigation.