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  1. I like simple things, and I love the simple spear.
  2. could you make wormwood create livivng logs off of hunger instead of health, its hard to get health as him so it would just genrally be better
  3. Ideas for what is to come Hello klei, I am a player with ideas for whats to come for the game and thought of sharing them, I don't care if this just gets brushed over, I just wanted to share my ideas. 1. character, Willis, the willis 150 health, 200 hunger, and 150 sanity cannot eat meat faster than others attacks 1.5% faster than others,eats 1.5% faster when player tries to eat meat Willis will say Yuk,Eww,or, Poor animal 2. boss idea, TREE KING 8750 health 55 damage after killing 20 tree guards the player will say a phrase along the line of, something feels different, the day after the player will say, something is out of place, the day after that, the player says, I feel like the trees are watching me, the day after that, the tree king spawns if the player is by a tree the tree will form a wooden wall around itself and cannot be damaged until the tree king is dead. Attacks phase 1 1.raises a arm and hits the player for 55 damage 2. raises a leg and stomps the ground sending roots in all directions Phase 2 stops attacking and shields himself blocking all damage and summons 4 small tree guards.The player cannot attack the tree king until the tree guards are dead Phase 3 Tree king becomes enraged and attacks faster New attack, shoots rapid fire pine needles at the player(15 damage each) for six seconds, 20 second cool down loot drops 10-16 living logs, 5 monster meat, wooden crown, and wooden me blueprint wooden crown while equipped 20 armor a small tree guard fights for you small tree guard attack 1 hits enemy for 35 damage Attack 2 tree guard takes root and heals 10 health every 4 seconds while spike like roots come out of the ground and hit the enemy for 35 damage(can only do this at 50% below health) If the tree guard dies, the crown will recharge and summon another in 3 days if in the caves the crown will spawn a mush guard mush is like the tree guard but glows and instead of healing and spike at 50% below health, mush guard becomes enraged and attacks 1.5% faster and any enemy in its light range takes 10 damage Infinite uses, marked on map wooden me tier 2 magic tab crafting.50 living logs 25 nightmare fuel, and 25 of the players max health creates a wooden player that has 9 inventory slots and helps the player with tasks if the player is chopping trees it will make a makeshift axe and chop down trees etc for mining. if the player is fighting it will make a spear and join the fight dealing 25 damage per hit wooden me cannot die, if the player dies, wooden me follows the players ghost or can be used to respawn if the player wants to destroy the wood me the player has built, it will have a disband option, dropping 25 living logs and 10 nightmare fuel along with the 25 max health that the player gave to make it.