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  1. Warly's food penalty is not that bad during boss fights. A fully buffed Warly (Volt Goat Chaud-Froid, pepper+garlic spice) has more damage reduction than Wigfrid, and more damage than everyone but Wolfgang (he even surpasses Wolfgang if the target is wet). This generally makes the fights shorter and healing less necessary. Warly also doesn't have a penalty for using non-food healing items, and you can bring a variety of different healing foods for the battle (I like to bring two of each, since if you eat the same food twice, the second will be only 10% less effective, which is mostly alright).
  2. While I think staying insane makes you progress much quicker, I personally prefer to stay sane for most of the game, mostly because of the insanity noises which can become annoying or even frustrating over time, I also don't like constantly dealing with the shadow creatures, even if they are quite easy to kill, even for someone as bad at kiting as me, they are still very annoying, and they also can be pretty dangerous in certain situations like boss fights or if you are forced to stay in one spot.
  3. Bunnymen. Always the bunnymen. (Also, sometimes tentacles, only when I'm Wickerbottom.)
  4. Wow! This was unexpected, thank you! It's really nice to have pleasant surprises like this, especially during the quarantine.
  5. Tried to open a chest with a fire staff equipped.
  6. I can't totally see it, but I think the name on the paper in the upper right corner is "Abigail Lilian Carter". I love these little lore pieces.
  7. Thank you. One of the best animated shorts so far. (It came very early, I almost missed crafting 10000 Red Lanterns before the end of Year of the Carrat!)
  8. I think it's because it's not in the game yet (as far as I know).
  9. Ah, the sweet, sweet revenge... I've been waiting for this for a long time...