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  1. I love Wilbur's voice, followed by Willow & Warbucks's voices.
  2. As boats are currently, they turn far too slowly, we need a way to turn more quickly. There could be a mast attachment that works just the lightning rod & light attachments that currently exist. Each mast would need this attachment for that mast to turn more quickly, leading to a gradual increase in turn speed in relation to how many masts have pulleys. The upgraded mast would turn faster but the default masts would eventually catch up once you've stopped steering. Since they turn at different speeds, upgraded & non-upgraded masts would be pushing the boat in slightly different directions. The boat would move in a direction & turn speed that is the average between these. Thus the more upgraded masts you have in comparison to non-pulley upgraded masts, the faster you can turn. You would have to choose between one of the three attachments (lightning rod, light, or pulley) for your available masts, leading to more strategy & resource management. Another idea that would be far more simple would be the addition of a skitter squid drop called squid ink or oil that can be applied to any mast to temporarily increase it's turn speed, acting as a lubricant.