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  1. Mah doodles

    i draw these things on my phone. software is Flipaclip
  2. Mah doodles

    Plant bros
  3. I feel like picking-up chester would be annoying to be travel with. since it gets distracted from any items dropped near,picking up useless stuff before your loot etc but still cool concept, just imagine a fat chester devouring everything on sight lol
  4. Mah doodles

    alright this one is wx-78's dilemma sorry for the late update I was kinda bummed out when actual sprite didn't quite match the animatic ones but eventually got used to anyway, and decided to draw both
  5. about hounds

    I already knew the feature was added by this update, was just curious about its known or not
  6. spoil Return of Them!

    boat stuff can be placed on the surface as well
  7. i never knew they could swim edit ) normal hounds do this too
  8. starting with two different wilson
  9. reposted
  10. C̷̥̠͗͆̇̊̌ŭ̷̢̬̓ȑ̸̲̤͎͔̓̐̌š̵̤̏̋̀͘é̷̱̝͙̩d̷͖̘̥͚̖̑̿͠_̶̧̧̛͖͉d̸̬̯̑̅̆͊͘î̷͙̥͚̣̞̾̚ň̴̯͛̎͝ë̷̛̩̮r̵̛͍͈̪
  11. ayy i found more and its even worse
  12. found this on discord
  13. how about just making willow completely freeze when 1. holding cold thermal stones 2. low temperature 3. wetness over 50% the "freeze" will make you lose some sanity each time ( 15~20% ) also, temperature will be reset after breaking out of ice
  14. am I the only one who thinks there is a connection between ancient fuelweaver and ancient hulk? 1. they both have an "ancient" title on their name for some reason 2. you have to scavenge their parts to summon them. 3. both are powerful and unique bosses 4. ancient fuelweaver didn't give anything useful when it was being developed, neither hulk does 5 red and cynical auras surrounding their eyes 6 both has horns what's your thought?