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  1. Mah doodles

    abeegail wes, but isn't depressed
  2. Mah doodles

    were-house transformations ft mod inspired lucy
  3. Mah doodles

    bonus wurt
  4. Mah doodles

    wx78's enemy wes
  5. Mah doodles

    wolfgang with his undercooked fluffy egg
  6. Mah doodles

    bonus imp
  7. Mah doodles

    lol i forgot this thread existed tried to use color and actual pen instead of using thumb
  8. volt goat, but it's outlet
  9. this part seems legit for me
  10. i just want to shoot anything with gun wheeler pls
  11. theres only two way to explore ocean without sailing being a ghost or playing as woodie as a ghost you can't do anything other than relocating, also need to revive in some way after done exploring playing as woodie you need to give up your main or use celestial portal, which is equally tedious as using ideal boat and honestly this seems balanced to me since 1. the path will melt unless you are exploring in winter, 2. requires magic tab 3. ice staff's durability isn't reliable to use on making path/chilled amulet will require your chest slot
  12. i like to have honey ham with koalefant leftovers and some honey