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  1. i guess something powerful staff or very useful amulet made from moon crafting table maybe a staff that can manage moon phases
  2. so as wood and grass, probably easier to get.
  3. 2 pig skin is kinda expensive considering log suit exists i would like to have every mobs atk damage lowered overall and have armors durability and asorbtion more diverse
  4. now im curious will wurt have merms trademark hunchback probably not but wilbur gave me the hope that there can be characters out of standard body type
  5. The last character?

    charlie cant be in dst unless they perma- remove charlie hit in darkness otherwise it would be awkward both in game design and lore
  6. your idea is fine, but how can walani help the teams or coop with them? sure, she can aboard lunar island in like day 1~2 but its basically same with reworked woodie in similar case. like walry brought helpful amount of spices and food recipe that can benefit whole team
  7. i like this idea because the bosses of dst is getting more and more optional. i would like to fight something that would strike our base or might directly harm survivors if ignored.
  8. this thread should be pinned tho
  9. amulets shouldnt break when reaching 0% it should just stay as 0% but with following refuel nerf ( one nm for 10~15% )
  10. quite nice but this will make beefalo taming a bit harder, and takes away one of nitre's few uses
  11. we got plenty of thing as carrats and saladmander why not trusty ol treeguard? it could be some sort of way to keep lune tree away from extinction and maybe loots related to the moon ( gestalt fuel? )
  12. berry bush hat will be replaced with ghost costume and scare away any mobs near
  13. wes rework

    i have sudden urge to play megalovania on gramophone and start fighting fuelweaver
  14. gnaw decided to kick out everyone but warly and his personal slaves ( wormwood and wickerbottom )