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  1. Thanks for feedback. Well the misinterpretation about translation being pop culture accurate goes to the puns and jokes not being translatable. All the work Klei put in keeping rest of it as straightforward and scientific as possible is absolutely praiseworthy. Even though average gamer these days won't recognise quite a few words used in the game. And this is the format I tried to keep. So do not expect all the descriptions to be swag&yolo, rather expect wording that will easily take you to scientific articles and professional explanations. Also the other pointed word is correct. Since 'odbiornik' is a receiver and every single electricians guidebook will refer to any and every electrical appliance as a 'odbiornik'. That being said, a TV is simply receiver of radio waves so it is still a 'odbiornik', just different kind. And the word 'odbiorca' refers to a person so could not be used in mentioned instance. Which also makes the TV as both the electrical current receiver and radio waves receiver. 'odbiornik pradu elektrycznego oraz odbiornik fal radiowych'. As for the word Rummage it gets tricky as in polish 'messy going through stuff' doesn't have a straight translation. We can 'przeryc something in search of something'. That was the best one I thought of and would be really happy to get a better word, as I myself find it lacking. Thanks a lot, wish I will get some more suggestions in the near future too. Do bear in mind this is work of a single chemistry engineer. Cheers, Worek
  2. There goes full polish, pop culture accurate translation. Good for checking for any misspelling and style problems. I'm also throwing it to steam workshop - friend only for some "free" testing Poszukuję nieścisłości oraz literówek, jeśli ktoś jest zainteresowany sprawdzaniem. Mam nadzieję, że lepsze niż to, które można znaleźć na steam workshop. strings_pl2.mo strings_pl2.po
  3. Hello, I am almost closing Polish translation, since current ones on steam are highly unacceptable. And since I started half a year ago - just doing this every once in a while - I was still working with <link="***"> so now just proofing it will take me another day or two and then I still have another 20% to do or so