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  1. Volt Goat Bug

    Fixed a bug. Go to data/DLC0001/scripts/brains/lightninggoatbrain.lua, data/DLC0002/scripts/brains/lightninggoatbrain.lua, data/DLC0003/scripts/brains/lightninggoatbrain.lua, on line 19 and replace function with this: local function GetFaceTargetFn(inst) if not BrainCommon.ShouldSeekSalt(inst) then --local target = FindClosestPlayerToInst(inst, START_FACE_DIST, true) --return target ~= nil and not target:HasTag("notarget") and target or nil local target = GetClosestInstWithTag("player", inst, START_FACE_DIST) if target and not target:HasTag("notarget") then return target end return nil; end end Result:
  2. Crockpot LUA Error

    As a solution go to data/scripts/wigets/text.lua on line 53 and replace function with this: function Text:SetString(str) if( type(str) == "string" ) then self.string = str self.inst.TextWidget:SetString(str or "") else self.string = "" self.inst.TextWidget:SetString("") end end Not fixing the issue, but hiding the implications. It happens on PC version as well.