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  1. Hey, sorry as I see this thread is kinda old and don't really want to necro but at the same time I had a few questions. So I was linked to this when asking about what I could use to kinda work on spriting my custom character into the game since I'm a bit new to this whole experience and needed a bit of help figuring things out, so what I wanted to know is if this could be used for that, and also would I be able to do custom idle animations with this? (Such as the side-scratch when facing away from the camera, or the rock-kick when facing left or right). I've never worked with Spriter before and I've never modded in DST before, so you can see where I'm a bit intimidated. So far I've found a pretty useful template for custom character modding and the guide is almost perfect (There are a few things that weren't really covered or described, and it was a bit out of date), but other than that, I'd really really like help if at all possible.