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  1. FINALLY! I can finally follow my dreams of becoming a boat! Thank you!
  2. Personally I prefer the darker.
  3. [Poll] On Ranged Combat

    Personally I love ranged weapons. But there's not enough or really good options. I'm pretty sure theres only 2(counting all blow dart variants as one). Just blow darts and a boomerang which will most likely also hurt you too.
  4. New boss idea

    YES! Its soft!
  5. Personally I think ancients look something like this(I drew them a ton a few weeks ago).
  6. I'm only hoping for a more shipwrecked like boat. Or a boat you can control and make more like them.
  7. They could make it so a player is hosting it, so no klei servers involved. And for content, only making the dlc characters playable? I really hope they do this
  8. Yeah, I kinda prefer the dst way too. But, there's probably a mod for the ds way.
  9. Workshop Cleansing

    Its useable though
  10. [Game Update] - 342138

    It's still doing it for me?
  11. Like servers then, no klei servers hosting it.