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  1. All of my Item Collection is Missing!

    Its been fixed now. Thanks so much!!
  2. All of my Item Collection is Missing!

    Thanks for the fast response. KU_45sIjV-5
  3. I don't know if this is a bug, but I had been playing DST earlier today and all was fine. Just tried to start it back up and it couldn't connect to Klei servers. Thought it was from my end, so I verified my game files and it disassociated from my Klei Account. Reconnected it and now ALL of my Item collection is missing but my steam-paid dlc, ds loyalty skins, yop skin, and valentine's items... They've even disappeared from my steam inventory. Metheus/Cyclum skins: gone. All my gorge items: gone. Winter's feast: gone. Twitch steam items: gone. ALL of the Forge content that I paid for through the shop in game: GONE