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  1. Most ironic part from this is, people will slowly forget it, and rabidly consume Klei's products.
  2. Summarizes the whole situation
  3. The truth is, they will not stop until someone stops them.
  4. I think we can all agree that, if this goes downhill, we should pressure Klei to leave Tencent. Sure, they're a business, but they still listen the fans despite some dubious choices.
  5. Oh well, then I dunno. Looks like only time will tell us...
  6. ID Software, Team Cherry, Studio MDHR, Motion Twin....
  7. With how this is blowing up, either Klei will regret their decisions or will just throw us a middle finger and keep with this plan, and then, well... Needless to say what happens with companies that sell themselves to China, huh?
  8. I hope, at least, that this should be temporary. Klei is having monetary problems, so they could just leave at any point. I hope at least...
  9. My only hope is that Klei leaves at the first sighting of something wrong. They should know that the quality of their products is more important than what Winnie The Pooh thinks of a feature on their game.
  10. The Steam forums have gone nuts over this, hecc, the negative reviews are getting more and more numbers. This is really worrying.
  11. I really want things to be okay, but part of me is worried about how much damage Tencent causes to Klei, DST is one of my favorite games, and I really don't want to see a genocidal government destroy every particle of code from it. They could just thorn the contract apart, but it will never happen. The CCP will not stop until someone decides to stop them, and this will never happen too. Don't Starve will die, and this will happen. It was good while it lasted.
  12. This is basically digging your own grave.