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  1. I love this games seasonal music, autumn is boring but the other 3 seasons have beautiful soundtracks. The problem is autumn and a couple of trailer tracks are the only Spotify options. So I would like it if the other season music could make it to Spotify as well
  2. We will not have wortox today

    Look it’s not the fact it was postponed in general, it’s the fact it was ONLY PlayStation, Xbox got the ******* update, so it’s not CONSOLES it’s PlayStation
  3. So I wanted to know if CAPY, the ones who partnered with klei to create don’t starve shipwrecked, had partial ownership of shipwrecked assets. This would hinder and sort of shipwrecked together cross overs because of legal issues if CAPY really wanted to get involved. That would really suck because adding the shipwrecked characters (specifically Wilbur and warly because woodlegs and wilani wouldn’t really work) would be a great addition to the team, variety is always nice especially as a team. But it’s not just characters, there’s also shipwreckeds extensive list of biomes that’s in question. So in conclusion that’s what I’d like to know.
  4. Can we get a minimum on how many profile icons we can get because, no ********, all 8 of my weekly presents these week were profile icons, and it’s ruining the game for me at this point. I used to be excited when I got a present but now I just say to myself, it’s just gonna be a profile icon. So can we tune down the profile icons, maybe make profile icons and portrait frames different from actual quality skin pieces?
  5. The PS4 shop

    Well, if the forge skins aren’t there, they’ll be in soon after, I trust I think it might be done by how big the package’s are? Biggest ones were left out? Or maybe it was by date and gorge skins and belongings won’t be there? We can’t tell until Thursday I just noticed this on steam, are console’s gonna get the bundles too? I noticed the magmatic bundle and it was a steal, so will that come too?
  6. The PS4 shop

    What was able to get in? Or is that information that has to be held?
  7. The PS4 shop

    So I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, I just can’t blow off the thought. Whenever the PS4 gets the shop, (hopefully on March 7th), are all the 11 chests available on steam, (snowfallen, gorge, forge, etc) going to be available on PlayStation? Console gets second handed all the time and I hope that this time we can get treated at least, somewhat like steam? I trust these developers, they’ve been making great strides for console, like gorge, and I hope when can get the 11 chests too. (These skins are hard to get, so it would be fantastic) an official answer would be fantastic, Thanks!
  8. My curios are gone

    Hey is this still being fixed? I just wanna know, I have trust in these developers
  9. I just lost everything

    I think I pm’d you, I’m so new to this I have no idea what I’m doing
  10. So I’ve already posted about this but one of the admins mistook me for a steam player, I’m on PlayStation and all my skins and belongings disappeared I need help with this, and also my klei ID change, I can’t remember that whole iD but I know it changed
  11. I just lost everything

    No no no joe I’m sorry I wasn’t being specific, I’m on PlayStation And it seems my klei ID changed? Is that why this is happening? This is one of the last pictures I have of my account before everything disappeared
  12. All of my skins belongings emotes, everything it’s just GONE! I’ve been playing for about a year now, I’m so confused, please somebody help me