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  1. I Need Lore

    I like DS's ambiguous, cryptic lore. I love getting little breadcrumbs of information here and there, but I don't want some massive exposition dump on Them. The answers to lore mysteries are often a let down in most fiction, since the reality can never really live up to the hype. I'm all about getting some lore nuggets in upcoming content, but I'd also love it if we also end up with a few more questions to keep us wondering.
  2. We have Squids now, but where is base? In all seriousness, I'd love the ability to add map markers. I don't think I've seen anyone even build the Cartographer's Desk in a public game, anything to make it more appealing to use would be a big plus.
  3. Was about to say, a friend and I had a similar world gen happen where AG was about a screen and a half away from the stairs, only he was brand new to the game and I was (and still am) trash at it, so it took us a bit longer than 5 days to deal with it lol. Definitely one of my favorite worlds ever though.
  4. Gatherer Character

    Maybe I'm crazy, but what if the critter pets gathered for you. Instead of feeding them to make them shut up, feeding them would make them run around and "fetch" things for you. Or maybe just the vargling could do that, and the other pets could do other minor chores. Having a character based around gathering would be a little underwhelming, maybe Maxwell could get a Shadow Gatherer or something, or a Night Hand staff that could pick things up remotely.
  5. It should be a worthy reward, so I think it should be a bot that gives increasingly incorrect directions to base whenever someone asks in chat.
  6. Webber's quotes give some possible insight into his arrival in the constant. Examinations of the Alchemy Engine imply that his father may have been a scientist (Father used to work on something like that), and his examination of Maxwell (That jerk tricked us)/his statues (That's the guy who said he could help us.) implies that he was tricked into coming to the Constant to get help (possibly for his getting eaten by a Spider affliction). It's possible that Webber's dad was dabbling in similar schools of science/magic as Wilson, only Webber may have been the one ensnared by Maxwell instead. In this case, Webber not being allowed in his father's study (examination of Cartography desk) may have been a more serious rule than in the average household. Of course, it's not clear whether Webber was spiderfied before or after entering the constant, but it seems unlikely to have happened in the real world, but it's not entirely impossible. Also, Webber makes a lot of allusions to his family being farmers (or at least his family kept goats), though his father wore Top Hats, which doesn't seem very goat herder-y. I guess I have no idea.
  7. Fish in your inventory increases sanity, has to be either held with your mouse or in your main inventory bar, backpack doesn't count.