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  1. l used to be a big advocate for the Shamlet mask in DST, but with the addition of Wortox and Klei doubling down on the "is a monster" idea, I no longer think that is necessary. Cave spider den: the first obvious buff. Considering you could bring cave spiders to the surface in single player already, I don't think this will be too game breaking. Recipe could be spider den, X rocks, and 2 fossil fragments (since they drop from spilagmites anyway). Webbed turf: Really just a way to enhance traps and base defenses with a slow effect. Also a gives a use for the plethora of silk Webber generates. Webbed... walls?: I would love a wall that spider's don't attack, if only for decorative purposes. I'd prefer spider's just not attack regular walls for no reason, but I'd take this as a compromise. A few QOL adjustments: befriended spiders should not attack Chester, and Abigail should not target them either. A 10 second window where they will not attack players after leaving your service (I don't think other players should be punished for another person's character choice), and the ability to "maintain" dens by shaving a tier off of them (I'm sure Webber mains know the frustration of leaving for an adventure and coming back to your tier 3 nests erupting into queens in unison). Pipe dream: A new science/magic den type. I have this vision in my head of spiders with goofy goggles/helmets strapped to their head that would make them neutral to other players and give them a little bit of armor. These spiders would defend Webber regardless of whether they are currently tamed, and would be okay to have around the base to help with defense. I like the idea of Webber learning this from Wilson and Maxwell, who are having a Hook-like battle for the boy's soul lol. Den could cost gears/gems/doodads to reflect the mad science and magic nature of it's origins.
  2. 1. Webber: My main dude. I enjoy baddy aesthetics in video games, so while he's probably one of the best characters morally, his monstrous appearance made him my favorite immediately. I enjoy most aspects of his gameplay, but I hope his refresh gives him more to do with his spiders besides starting civil wars, since the text indicates he considers them friends. 2. Maxwell: I'd have switched to Maxwell permanently if his single-player version had the same mechanics as the DST version (I like to play both, so it's a bit jarring switching between them). While his low HP can be a source of grief, I found not having a huge HP cushion to fall on made me a better player. Love his appearance, love the lore, love the minions (buff duelists plz tho). 3. Wendy: I like summoners, and I like dark, macabre stuff in my fiction, so Wendy is great. Similar utility to Webber, though the reduced damage and Abigail's wonkiness prevent me from playing her much. 4. WX-78: The first character I ever achieved even the slightest bit of success with in Don't Starve. In the original game he was the only kinda edgy character I had before I got RoG. He's a bit too OP when maxed out for my liking and I feel guilty eating gears in DST 6. Wigfird/Woodie/Willow/Wickerbottom: No real interest in playing them, though I like them thematically. Maybe the coming refreshes will change my mind 7. Wolfgang: I like the character, but his mechanics can basically be summed up with "IS HONGRY, IS STRONK (sometimes)" which is really not interesting to me. 8. Wilson: oof this hurts but he's just boring, while he has no downsides, not having an upside feels like a tremendous opportunity cost. 9. Wes: I really hate mimes.
  3. What if the light aura of Willow's lighter changed based on her sanity? Like if crazy, it's light aura is much bigger, like a campfire. Maybe even with limited warming and sanity regeneration effects (which would diminish as she got saner). The lighter could be refueled with nightmare fuel, implying a magical cause for this effect, which would only happen when wielded by Willow. This would give her some extra utility in the ruins, or in winter. Not sure if this is OP or UP, don't play Willow much so I have no idea.
  4. Rework order

    The way to go for Wes is to give him team utility that doesnt benefit him in any way. Some ideas. Make Wes #1 priority for hostile mobs. Everyone hates mimes, including spiders. This will give a team function while also allowing Wes players to show off their mad kiting skillz, which is honestly why you probably play him in the first place. Let non-Wes players pop his balloons to gain sanity, giving him a way to essentially transfer his own sanity to his teammates. Another team utility that doesn't make him any easier to play.
  5. wilson rework?

    Not sure how feasible it is, but a potion crafting system that's fairly randomized would be pretty fun and would acknowledge Wilson's (bad) mad scientist roots. There could be a dozen or so different types of potions, both helpful and harmful, and would require a lot of experimentation to figure out how to make each type. This would hopefully keep him the "neutral" character since consuming the potions to test them could have disastrous effects, but also give him a unique skill to bring to the party that acknowledges his backstory.
  6. Rework order

    Underpowered to overpowered would make the most sense from a balancing perspective. You can watch to see if the meta shifts at all with each passing update and adjust the cream of the crop accordingly, rather than nerfing them at the start and then watching others soar to new overpowered heights. From a lore perspective though, I really want to see Webber and Maxwell so I'm cool if they show up early.
  7. Havent really had any "unfair" deaths in DST, but exploring ruins in Hamlet and getting machine gunned down by a shadow creature triggering a blowdart trap is one the most infuriating moments of my gaming career lol.
  8. Beyond better control of Abigail, I think the best thing to do is create different "forms" of Abigail based on the type of creature killed to summon her. That might make it a bit more interesting to play with than moar hp, moar dps.
  9. Sorry, I just find myself clutching my gears on public servers whenever a WX joins lol. As far as it being OP, I figured since gears being one of his only ways to heal would mean they'd have to be renewable in a way that didnt require endless tumbleweed farming. If his upgrade item was something that had to be crafted with a gear + some other rare item (gem, wires, etc?) would that be more amenable?
  10. More damage from rain. Lower starting stats. No healing from food/items, only gears/doodads Can craft Fabricator structure, basically a crockpot for mechanical items. Can convert rocks/flint/gold/etc into gears over an extended period of time. Now WX is not an annoying gear vacuum in pubs, but gives a way to make gears renewable, which should help the less skilled players that never make it to the ruins.
  11. Maxwell Rework

    More Codex Umbra things, for sure. Nightmare Crown: Drains sanity, costs fuel, 80% armor value but low durability Split his minions into 2 tiers Tier 1 (Diggers, Miners, Choppers): Cheap, last limited time, mimic like singleplayer rather than auto-chop. Good for early game resource jump, but not massing anything. Tier 1 Duelist: Same as now Tier 2 Workers: Cost more fuel, but similar as what we have now. Maybe make them a bit slower Tier 2 Duelist: Cost 10 max health, 1 Nightmare Crown, and X nightmare fuel: same stats as tier 1, but has armor from nightmare helmet Duelists should be able to fight nightmare creatures due their nightmare fuel origin. Maxwell sat on the Nightmare Throne, not the Log Throne. He should specialize in dealing with the shadows. He can still be good at resource gathering, just better at dealing with THEM. Edit: Also, maybe make shadow creatures spawn in greater numbers around him, as THEY are trying to put him down, which might help make the duelist combat assistance a little less OP.
  12. Convert the basic farm into the advanced farm since it's completely worthless. Give the advanced farm an inventory where you can load it with seeds, and fertilizer, and give it an robot arm or something where it will auto-harvest and you can just pick up the things that grow. Maybe give it a glass dome so it can grow in winter as long as it has fertilizer fuel (but slowly). Obviously it should be fairly expensive.
  13. I think this is the way to go if he's going to be reworked. Give him utility to the group that has absolutely no benefit or is actively detrimental to himself.
  14. Wouldn't it be more likely that Maxwell reached out to Wagstaff and manipulated him into mass producing a radio that was capable of cross-dimensional communication, giving Maxwell a vast "recruitment" pool. Presumably all it would take was promises of forbidden knowledge/power/adventure.
  15. I think paying 10 hunger for a 5 second speedcrafting window would be a lot more interesting and keep the spirit of what they were going for. You'd then have to plan your crafts around maximizing the amount of crafting done in that window. Craft smart and the penalty is not that bad, craft dumb and you'll be clearing out the squad's fridge. I also think that when speedcrafting, recipes with common, unrefined components should consume less (so, a torch could be 1 stick/1 grass, but an alchemy engine would still require all its components, since you would be saving on costs when refining materials). This would hopefully solve the celestial portal issue, and give you a reason to continue playing Winona, instead of swapping out once your catapults are down. The spotlight is pretty bad, I had high hopes for it as a cool, mega-base vanity item, or a useful spelunking tool, but it just isn't reliable/efficient enough to plan around it. The cheesypult is definitely a cool item, but I agree it needs to be harder to build en-mass.