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  1. I'd be more okay with wildfires if they were tied to a weather event (a heatwave/drought) that would show up on the Rain-o-meter. It would make the management of ice-flingers less of a pain in the ass, without removing the threat entirely. Could also tie it to an increased speed for overheating, to compensate for the reduced challenge across the summer season. Maybe add some summer enemy that only appears during droughts to reward players for not turning the mechanic off entirely. I think summer desperately needs a MacTusk type enemy/reward. I don't find Antlion to be all that interesting, whereas the MacTusk hunt is one of my favorite parts of Don't Starve Together. Since I'm a "middle of the road" type player when it comes to challenge, I don't want to remove a threat entirely, I'd just like it to be more fun to handle.