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  1. Thanks alot. You saved me a lot of time here.
  2. I always play on 1x speed. I reloaded several times and nothing changed. I'm close to uprooting everything and start over. The Radical Dwelling.sav
  3. My Pips won't plant and I don't understand why. This is the third row of a farm and I did the second row the same way without any problems. Maybe you guys can help me out.
  4. For many things in this game that make little to no sense, there is a mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1854420483&searchtext=
  5. Salt Water purpose

    @Chthonicone @chemie I just did the research and @bobe17 was right
  6. Salt Water purpose

    I don't use tablesalt in my current colony, but in my last it worked it like that: Tables store up to 5g. Duplicants use 1g per meal which results in a morale bonus of +1. I personally think that it's even less worth it than showers, which I don't use either. I rely on Frostburger and Decor for Morale. @Argelle : I'd guess that your saltbin has a higher priority than your mess tables.
  7. Transit Tubes

    Oh, I don't use the mod myself and were not aware of these issues. I guess it will get updated eventually.
  8. Transit Tubes

    I think you are looking for this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1830443217&searchtext=
  9. Not even that. I use and recommend Cairath's mod. I don't get how to link it, but you can find it in the steamworkshop under "Geyser Calculated Average Output Tooltip"
  10. You okay catalina?

    You can overwrite that with "sunny disposition"
  11. I'm sure the facility and the ruins will have some use once the game is released ...oh, wait
  12. This Spam is getting ridiculous [/spam]
  13. Are there more infos on this? By looking through the comments I know that pips won't plant weezeworts anymore, but what else got changed?