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  1. Heating up my plants...

    I'd relocate the whole thing closer to your core base. Not only should you have the right temperature there already, but you also save on dupetraveltime for harvesting.
  2. Curious Pattern

    A shed of shove voles
  3. Ranching vertically.

    There's also this exploit. I know most people know about it, but it hasn't been mentioned yet.
  4. I always play on 1x speed. I reloaded several times and nothing changed. I'm close to uprooting everything and start over. The Radical Dwelling.sav
  5. My Pips won't plant and I don't understand why. This is the third row of a farm and I did the second row the same way without any problems. Maybe you guys can help me out.
  6. This Spam is getting ridiculous [/spam]
  7. Are there more infos on this? By looking through the comments I know that pips won't plant weezeworts anymore, but what else got changed?