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  1. I like the idea of finding music disk trinkets in the world and you can add them to the gramophone. Similair to how minecraft does it.
  2. A lot of in game features would like to speak to you good sir.
  3. I don't see a griefer going out of thier way to craft the flare when you can just easily craft a torch. These griefing claims just don't make sense lol.
  4. Please make Maxwell lose 1.5x or even .5x sanity when reading books. The shadow creature being summoned along with the 2.5x sanity drain rate is a bit much. Especially when Maxwell commonly has lower sanity with his shadow puppets.
  5. Thats from the Dont starve controller decor thing. I recognize the art and shape.
  6. When using the Bee book as Maxwell, his Shadow Workers will try to avoid and run away from the Grumble bees as if they were hostile. Stopping the puppets from doing work actions.
  7. This is way too much, especially when Maxwell's sanity is low most of the time with his shadow puppets. It is nice to be able to get nightmare fuel, but this drain is absurd.
  8. Tbh insanity needs some rework. More engagement for the player and how they change thier play style. Different stages of insanity with perks and downsides.
  9. If the recipe is really too costly, keep the moon moth wings, but change the opal to moonglass or moonrocks.
  10. The iredecent gem nerf isnt a big deal. The book itself makes it easier to get opals. The bookcase also repairs books, making it actually have infinate uses.
  11. A big cave update is more needed. More biomes, mechanics, enemies. Better cave generation. Minecarts could be a new transport option.
  12. Some of these books should def have higher costs. Mostly the Full moon one. Also please make it so it doesnt change the whole moon cycle when you use it.
  13. This should be reverted. Wickerbottom states that she would never allow that book in her library. Its very inconsistent for her. I thought it was a funny attention of detail that you couldnt put the codex in her bookshelf. I was proud of you Klei.
  14. I mean.. You guys can add Wilbur.. With benifits from Monkey Queen, Powder Monkies, and Splumonkies. Maybe even a cool monkey farmer hut structure for gathering things. Plus you get a cool monkey ghost. Let me have Wilbur the Monkey King rule the lands.
  15. We should give Klei devs points ourselves for thier amazing work and dedication to the community and the game.