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  1. Yeah good idea, spiky bushes are underrated. They are really good with a wormwood around.
  2. I dont like the idea to be able to create resources, it feels off. What i want is to be able to craft lumpy tree cones, lunar saplings, and the tropical variant of the berry bush.
  3. I would say it should definitely have a skin. If we can have a ancient chest skin, we can get a ancient crockpot one too.
  4. Over the two years I've been playing WX-78, I noticed some outdated problems with him. When WX-78 gets wet from sources that are not rain or drowning, he doesn't not take damage even though he is wet. Wearing fashion melon and ice cube doesn't make him take damage even though he is getting covered in water. Water balloon doesn't cause him to short circuit either. Getting hit by waves and incorrectly using any oar also doesn't trigger WX-78 to short circuit. The problem is that when WX-78 was added, wetness meter wasn't even a thing, and he would only short circuit when it detected it was raining. This mechanic is still carried into DST today. The way you could fix it is that you make it so he automatically short circuits when the game detects that his water meter is active.
  5. Yeah i would love if Wormwood was beequeen or totally normal tree for his costume set. And for his hallowed night set, its Audrey since it fits the pop culture monster theme its going for.
  6. Post your ideas on what you think Wormwoods new Halloween skins could be! What i want for wormwoods Hallowed Nights set is him dressed up as Audrey from Little shop of horrors.It just fits perfectly!
  7. I hope there will be a update that fixes the many bugs mostly in hamlet, and make it run smoother.
  8. My QoL wishes: WX-78 water inconsistencies: When playing WX-78 only rain and drowning causes WX-78 to short circuit. Other forms of wetness do not cause him to short circuit like Water balloons, Ice Cube, Fashion Melon, etc. I would like this to be fixed so he can short circuit from all sources of wetness. Better Paths: Paths in the game generate in weird and messed up shapes. I would like if paths would get an update to them so they generate much less wonky and more uniform. I would also like if they have updated art, mostly for dirt paths since they look more like the left over tape residue than an actual dirt road. Better Farming: I would like if farming was more fleshed out than how boring and tedious it is, it would make characters like Wurt more fun to play as with more farming mechanics, i would love things like tilling the ground like the gorge and multiple harvests from one crop. Its more worth it hunting for meat and having huge berry farms than growing crops. Better Dishes: I would like if the underrated dishes would get a buff or a simpler way to make them easier. Dishes like Guacamole, Fruit Medley, Mandrake Soup, Turkey Dinner, Waffles, Unagi, Fish Tacos, and Kabobs.
  9. @watermelen671 Can i get the animation of the rock jaw launching out of the water to eat fish?
  10. You cant adopt pets as Walter? Sad
  11. Yep i tried it and it crashes my game.