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  1. Add some kind of forge styled combat in base game. But heavily toned down of course. I would love better ranged weapons that are fun to use and are a alternative to melee.
  2. I do hope year of the Rabbit is bunny men. Some minor lore on them would be nice, plus it could make them more distinct from Pig men and have thier own culture. Bunny Men don't have much for them so i would love a event for them.
  3. Any reason why the DS funkos were discontinued? I was really hoping for a new set of characters. Mostly a WX-78 Funko.
  4. Make some unique plants that can like only grow in spring or soemthing. It would be a nice way to make diverse food sources.
  5. But ChippyGaming's videos are all commonly 4-5 minutes? And they actually cover different things. Unlike Beard who makes 8-10 minute videos covering the same thing over and over again.
  6. Cave update cave update cave update. I want flooded caves, lush caves, lava caves. Give me minecarts and minecart tracks.
  7. No thats the same looking portal Wagstaff and WX built together. The one that Winona fixed.
  8. I hope the other survivors will get thier own pirate skins in the later updates. I really want see WX especially. Could look like a pirate ship, who knows.
  9. I like playing WX because how funny they are. The quotes always make me give out a chuckle.
  10. I don't think Bunny men and Pig should be hostile to Powder Monkeys or Wonkies. They should be nuetral towards them. It doesn't really make any sense.