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  1. Hmmm i do like the idea of overhangs but i would rather have the land go up and down and thats it, over hangs would be harder to implement and would cause problems with camera angels.
  2. Wes Wilson Valentines (fan art)

    im scared idk why
  3. Wes' B-Day

    if you wanna be like this then ima celebrate the walking toaster's manufacturing date
  4. thats a joke, its not something cannon, Wagstaff created those radios and gramophones
  5. Oooh and moon cycles going through the sky too.
  6. Well he doesnt wear yellow gloves, he also went into the constant way before winona, if he came along with her, he would be in dst
  7. Elevation would play a big part in the ruins. The guardian maze would actually be a maze for once and not as easy to traverse it. The atrium room would finally have the murals on the walls that come out of the dark abyss. The developers would finally have that added in the game like they wanted. The rocky Rocklobster biome would be really cool to traverse with hills and cliffs.
  8. that part really isnt a valid argument, webbed turf is nothing like Wurt's swamp turf. The turf slows down enemies and mobs, which swamp turf doesn't. Webbed turf wouldn't be annoying in multiplayer since you can just craft a pitchfork and dig it up. With webbed turf you can make hound traps more useful since it would slow them down and guarantee to have the hound get hit instead of then skipping a few. Imagine different traps for enemies with this turf. The slowdown penalty isnt a big issue with other players, a walking cane and other speed buff negate this.
  9. I do like some of the ideas like the web ladder. The beefalo one i dislike a lot, i think its a uneeded change. Also with the eggsack thing to make it more forgiving to craft it is going the opposite of the games intended design, its supposed to be a unforgiving wilderness survival game. Don't Starve Together should be unforgiving but fair. At the moment its more forgiving than DS, which i understand since it plays differently in multiplayer. DST needs to hit that sweet spot of being fair and challenging. Harder games that hit this sweet spot are more fun to play and rewarding to the player.
  10. I do like the nightvision feature, but i would like if it was changed a bit. Remember that he's part human too not just a monster.
  11. If Woodlegs does get a undead pirates curse, i know one person will dress that skeleton like you Minespatch.
  12. Imagine the pig king even on a elevated hill arena and you just hit a pig contender off the ledge, that would be hilarious.
  13. More Lore

    Well.... i think the best they could do is make a 1 hour special.
  14. Hmm.. With elevation players cant just walk off the edge, instead certain monsters give knockback that would make you fall of an edge. Like maybe you have a spider warrior cornering you on a cliff edge and it decides to knock you back with its jumping attack. The ruins maze will be more dangerous with walls on both sides, making it harder to traverse it like a real maze should.