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  1. Because I want Wagstaff to reunite with his deranged robot son again.
  2. I would love to see underground cave minecart systems, like the ones seen in the Ancient murals. Imagine riding a minecart across the caves, going over the void on a wooden track built above it. It would be hella cool.
  3. I just want more QOL improvements for seafaring, rn its clunky and slow to use. You also don't get a lot out of it.
  4. I doubt some of your predictions like Wallace, lava water thing, and mutated pig men. I'm too lazy to say why so thats all ima say.
  5. All i want is a full blown caves update. Since most biomes down there are very unimportant and is just filler. The generation hurts to explore with ton of dead ends. I would love new season mechanics and monsters that make it harder but more fun to live in the caves.
  6. We already got a crystaline collection wardrobe. Also we just had a science machine twitch skin for halloween that wasnt part of the crystal collection.
  7. Could you add sprouting stone fruit too? You can't place it in the Seed Pack-It.
  8. @watermelen671 Could you get me the heads of the snow fallen skins? Mostly Wx front view and side view. Thanks!
  9. I would absolutely LOVE if you made WX-78's ice "hair" transparent.