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  1. @watermelen671 Can i get the animation of the rock jaw launching out of the water to eat fish?
  2. Maybe when you throw the boomerang, the catch key overrides any pickup amd gather command
  3. Shhhhhh.. The constant doesnt care about the well being of anyones choices, yes you may be vegan but you cant fully excape the guilt of killing something unlike in real life. Its the constants way of saying that everyone will suffer equally.
  4. I think Wurt should eat leafy meat and heres why. It's a product made by a plant that has meat like qualities but made out of plant fiber and nutrients. Lureplants produce leafy meat to attract meat eating animals, When the lureplant succeeds, it will replace the leafy meat with real meat. Meaning that leafy meat is not as effective than using real meat. The lureplant produces leafy meat on its own, meaning it doesn't use any meat products to make it.
  5. I miss it all the time now Is there any mods that can bring it back?
  6. At least its the opposite when you rush the ruins for gears as wx. Any wx who takes all the gears on the surface is the most selfish thing you can do.
  7. You cant adopt pets as Walter? Sad
  8. Its obviously a back scratcher so woodie can easily scratch is big scruffy beard
  9. I would love if he had longer range, atm its close and medium range for the slingshot.
  10. When Walter was added i was exited for a ranged character. When i got to play him in game for a few hours i found that his sling shot wasn't really fun to use after using it for a while. I found that his range for firing the Sling shot was fairly short for a ranged weapon, meaning you could only get one and two shots before the enemy was able to hit you. It doesn't help that the reload speed for the sling shot was slow, making the damage output worse than a spear over time. With the slow reload speed and short range its tedious in combat because you have to keep taking one shot or two and backing up, making your damage output even worse. The sling shot is not viable against enemies that move at a decent speed, like hounds, merms, koalaphants, etc, since you get hit by them by just shooting one shot. When just pressing the f key, the slingshot aim for birds and other small creatures and not the monster in from of you, making fighting against enemies annoying. The slingshot only really excels against targets that are really slow or cant even move at all, like tentacles and treegaurds. Its not really helpful since you don't really encounter many slow enemies. The sling shot is also good for birds and drawing aggro to certain monsters. I would use it a lot more if the firing range was a lot longer or the reload speed was faster. This is my thoughts about it and i would like to hear yours too.
  11. Yep i tried it and it crashes my game.
  12. I personally think he should be allergic to all insects, it would make it more of a downside than a inconvenience.