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  1. Kitchen Room?

    I always found it weird that there is no Kitchen Room. I usually make a nature reserve out of it, just because. Second that!
  2. Birds no longer spawn Shipwrecked

    I have this problem now, playing with Wormwood in Shipwrecked, birds with seeds did not respawn after Dry Season. Makes it even harder for Wormwood. Is there a workaround? Edit: One of two changes I made fixed it: In a new world I enabled Dragoon Eggs and I also removed a mod by DYC which (deliberately?) corrupts game files. Also watch out for mods by Yiyu. Since I've had the mod before, it may have been the disabled Dragoon Eggs to cause the bug, though. Since the eruption happens, but no eggs fall down, the game could be stuck in eruption mode. Further indicator of this would be, that the volcano stayed smoking hot, even into the following monsoon season, before I abandoned the save.
  3. It is impossible to get a dupe with Gourmet trait and Cook interest at the same time. I've had a litte too much time and dedication on hand to click for overall over six hours through the shuffle in the beginning, additionally reloading the dupe selection while in game. No change on different days or worlds. While I get lots of Interior Decorator Artists, Mole Hand Diggers or Quick Learn Researchers, I have never even once been able to get a Gourmet Cook. Since I always thought the dupe generation is RNG, I am thinking something must be wrong that disallows the trait and interest to appear together or reduces the chances to a teensy minimum. For the record: the Gourmet trait and Cook interest do appear, just not together in one dupe. Can you please look into this issue?