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  1. Hey Joe. I read the comments about the miscommunication and all of the other issues that came up. I can see some comments do not appreciate the amount of work you put into the infrastructure behind the scenes, and what it takes to make everything work without breaking. Every update you released on this forum made me appreciate the type of company you are, and proved that the best for the community is your main goal. Please, stop replying to the same hateful user (already forgot his name, and I don't care enough to scroll back to check), as every second you have to spend replying, he is wasting precious time that could have gone to working on the release. Which is funny, cause he's helping with the delay, even a bit :). I truly understand why you reply, and I admire that, but it doesn't seem like the other side wants to listen, only to hear "you're right". Please, continue to be a great team and you are, the communication is more than probably most other companies, and waiting for finished products is THE way to go! Love your work! From a new fan.
  2. Still waiting for ANY response from Klei. Even a "F*** YOU!!" would be fine.. Should I put the suggestion somewhere else to get some feedback from them?
  3. They could add a mechanism for slower but more accurate targeting. Long press L3 and a list of in-range objects appear, and you can choose, like the crafting menu. I still wish to get some feedback from klei on the zoom suggestion..
  4. It has its moments, but it's still "raw". I would like to be able to lock on to the bee queen before she's out of the cocoon. The zoom feature can be very useful, in any case. KLEI - please?
  5. Klei, any chance of this happening?
  6. Hi all. So, I've looked and looked all over the forum, but couldn't find any mention to this. I am playing this game a lot with my spouse on split screen, and I would love to see a zoom feature added, like on the PC. It would greatly help when exploring and you need to look around. The touch pad can be utilized for that easily. What do you guys think?