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  1. Game file was started with following options Survival Custom Game Immune Systems: Regular Duplicant Mood: Regular Stress Reactions: Checked Morale Requirements: Regular Hunger Rate: Regular Worldgen Seed:662629619 Sandbox Mode: Unchecked Game Version: Q3-324933 (at time of initial save file creation)
  2. Clicks on skill tree nodes that should not be available for mastery are still awarded to selected duplicant. BUILD: Q3-325699 Save file attached (pre-discovery, after discovery pending replication of bug, after replication of bug) Receive Skill Point Earned notification Open Skills overlay Select any duplicant EXPECTED: Click on any skill box in the tree that is "next" (would normally be available for advancement) Mastery is awarded (if skill points are available for assignment) No action (if skill points are not available for assignment) EXPLOIT: Continue clicking skill boxes in the tree that would be "next" RESULT: Mastery is awarded - skills can be mastered without skill point availability EXPLOIT: Select another duplicant without closing screen and continue clicking skill boxes RESULT: Mastery is awarded - skills can be mastered without skill point availability Exploited Advancement.sav Post Discovery Pending Repeat.sav Pre-Discovery.sav
  3. If Power Regulation is researched manually first, without starting the research chain by clicking "Advanced Automation", then it is not repeated.
  4. Power Regulation will be researched twice if Advanced Automation is selected and nothing in the research chain from Power Regulation=>Advanced Automation is already researched. Pure conjecture: this might be caused by the two paths to Advanced Automation, where the system queues Power Regulation twice since it is a base for both paths. Power Regulation=>Internal Combustion=>Advanced Power Regulation=>Advanced Automation Power Regulation=>Automatic Control=>Generic Sensors=>Advanced Automation The behavior repeats consistently in multiple games. Generally have researched... Interior Decor Plumbing=>Sanitation=>Decontamination Jobs => Advanced Research Jobs => Brute-Force Refinement Basic Farming=>Meal Preparation=Agriculture ...before attempting Advanced Automation chain.