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  1. A few suggestions, no rush on any of them, they're not super important: Bring back allowing to pick multiple traits/aptitudes etc at once through check marks. Having to click an individual trait, then okay, then add trait, then the individual trait then okay again just to add two traits is a bit convoluted. Also bring back the number amount on aptitudes. I like to make one super duplicant (normally the first Liam that I get) that has like +10 aptitudes so he learns jobs 500% faster. Allow copy/pasting across save files if possible. I like to start over when I figure something new out and the ability to copy my duplicants over to the new world and just modify their job experience back to 0 would be a huge time saver over completely editing new duplicants as they come in. Could also be useful to roleplay a sort of "blast off from my world and land on a new one" type scenario. Describe what the traits do (taking the in game description if they have one). Some of the names are non obvious, and the only way to find out what they do is to save a file and play it and mouse over the trait. This is solved pretty easily by just making a dupe with all of the traits and then reading them all at once (which is now harder since to add all the traits will take a long time) but a "complete" save editor would just list the description of the trait when you mouse over it like in game.
  2. There's an option to prioritize based on distance over the hidden heirarchy in the priority options in the top right.
  3. Thanks a bunch for this, it's exactly what I was looking for. I'm pretty new, and I'm essentially just looking to save time on my re-rolls on my initial dupes by tailoring them how I'd like them, and then playing normally from there. I've tried changing the aptitudes, by lowering the given ones to 0, and raising the one's I'd like to 1, however the changes never seem to save. I've had it save once, but instead of changing any, it just added Research, so now my dupe has 4 aptitudes, 3 of which I don't want. Is there any trick to consistantly getting this to work? EDIT: So I've had it save a few times now, and I thought I had it figured out, thought you just had to save the file while still on the aptitudes tab. Turns out this isn't consistant either, but it is better than before. FINAL EDIT (Hopefully): It appears that you just have to make sure to hit enter after inputting the desired field manually. At least this has worked for me consistantly.