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  1. Small bug. If I placed magic flower and then die, when I revive, the whole game go silence. Just esc->logout, close the game, and then restart the game, the issue will be gone.
  2. just more information: got the same problem when I build an active focus outside, and then use the staff in a ruin.
  3. After today's update, Pierogi image in the item slot changed (not change on the crock pot)
  4. As image. I enjoyed ROG world like for 80 days, back to hamlet, Aporkalypse time. Went to calender, stopped it, and I continue playing. One day I walked into rainforest with a mant hill entrance there, Hundreds of mant warrior coming for me. I swear I am not making joke with console command. Help I am gonna lose my 280 days run now.