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  1. Hi, guys. Sorry for my bad english. Platform Steam PC, windows 10. I5 8600 intel processor USB keyboard and wireless USB mouse. Do you use mods? yes : russian language pack, storeroom, amulet and backpack slots. Version Number 309157, but the bug have place from the update "home sea home" for DLC shipwrecked. When i am playing the game several times per the game day in the left corner of the screen (bot and top corners) appears debug information (look under the spoiler). So in this time when i use WASD keyboard keys and space key that means "Action" (standart control options), I am loss control of character. The character keeps running in some direction before i randomly press WASD keys. The keys seems to stick... If I pick items using the mouse the bug not appears, only when I use space key. I reinstalled the game, delete mods and the steam... nothing helps. When i press backspace debug information disappear but from some times appears again and i again loss of craracter control. The bug repeated in all updates from update home sea home.= ( So I dont know what to do... log.txt