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  1. Yeah, I know. I do understand complications in deliveries, but when things were delayed, we really didn't get any sort of explanation, we were kept in the dark, I always wondered what Klei was exactly doing during that time that justifies the delays or the failed promises, but nothing was said really iirc. I just want the best for the game, and this roadmap as a concept seems fair. I really do hope Klei gets more responsible this time. Refresh is obviously Wendy.
  2. For me, more than events inside the constant or making everything harder, I would like for Klei to give any excuse to make us use useless items in some sort of quest or goal within the world, like Ice Staffs being a MUST in a battle or it we won't win, simple as that, just like lazy explorers on the fuelweaver fight. How about buffing the fire staff to AT LEAST make some big fire in a pit fire or an endothermic fire that would either rise or lower your temperature almost immediatly with a single use? How about using the weather pain for something much more important than living log farming or stone fruit destruction? How about we put more thought and consideration into the wetness mechanic and the electric weapons that benefit from it? How about buffing fire damage for mobs for it to be a viable strategy for Willow? I imagine a boss that uses temperature as a way to inflict damage on us so we could use the fire staff in a fire of our preference to quickly get back to action, or a boss that needs to be frozen up before it slams into the ground making unavoidable damage otherwise. Using the deconstruction staff to destroy structures that buffs a boss. To teleport a boss that will target the base instead of players to a specific location for just being ABLE to beat it with mechanics, since it would be completely impossible to beat them otherwise. Ashes, stingers, glommer's wings and Phlegm need to have a constant use, like an ash bag for putting out fires or distracting mobs, crafting bee venom, using phlegm as a glue for any crafting, I do not think we are gonna get the old bell, but there most be something of similar importance for glommer's wings and their flower. Using actual game mechanics that feel nice, but not great, to do important things, for them to feel necessary in general besides using them to multiply items, save resources or using them just for a single purpose because otherwise they feel like a waste. So even if the boss is a raid boss, at least make them really interesting to fight before making them hard. I would like this to apply to mobs as well in any way.