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  1. An Open Letter to Klei

    I love necro posting. I wanted to share a piece on this post since long but didn’t had the time. So there's that. I've seen veterans here on this post that have a certain mentality, and I would rather leave the game than them making decisions for me, we know that all veterans do not think the same and this post proves that. I don't see these people understanding each other for making a decision at all. And that’s the thing, they are all veterans, and no, we cannot just exclude some, since that would create a bias, even if it’s one that I would like because I have an idea of who the people are behind the mentions, it's still a bias. I'd rather go out of my way to say newbies would be a more cohesive group in regards of a general mindset. Some people have been here since a specific year, and have 1092389012 hours or something (idc), so one of these individuals thinks the game’s current state is actually fine, and this one thinks it needs severe improvement in order for it to be fine, and there isn’t much of a middle ground there. Other than that, Canis’s suggestion about the safety of the leaks is way too dangerous as well, the leaks could be made anonymously and the damages could go unchecked, not to mention the repercussions and lack of trust in this system, ending it forever, losing a single account doesn't pay that enough, losing trust means losing the deal as it is the core of that suggestion. As for the problems in this game, there's many. However, we need not to confuse between actual problems and improvement, Don't Starve Together could use massive improvement but I think the actual problems, on a technical level, are fewer than people think. Things that DST should improve as a team-based game: PvP (lol), fighting in general, items being actually useful, sandbox/decoration (I think it’s deficient), biomes, unusable items, etc. Improvement is a heavy concept I would avoid for now; it isn’t something I can just explain in short lines, it’s an entire forum discussion in every point I said. But problems? … This is what I consider one of the huge problems DST has, perhaps the main one. Hell yes to a progression system, juuust not exactly the one it is suggested, I personally think It’s annoying and pointless, at least the given example, I don’t go into darkness and I don’t stay insane if I don’t want to, so these are just punishments for occasional mistakes rather than impactful mechanics, but for any other progression system idea, thumbs up. I can suggest something like this, as OPTIONAL for the time being: I also don't think the "just wait and see! " mentality is alright at all, nor the "it's their game anyway, die " since they are worthless excuses for shutting someone up while offering no substance nor any contribution to topics, such a disgusting way to ask for reputation points, people should at least try to take their time to explain to other people why something is wrong, constructively or just have the courtesy of NOT getting invested if they are not prepared to engage in discussion, simple as that. People are also able to judge something before it comes out and maybe they could reflect better without harassment. People can express their hate or love for something however they want, as long as they don’t go out of their ways to be personally rude to developers or other users, then if people have a disagreement, they argue with logic and not calling the other person a baby and telling them to leave the damn game if they don’t like something, those comments makes us question whether some people want the best for the game, because, you know, being disrespectful and sending people away because of their opinions and suggestions seems like the best way to show it. That's all I wanted to share.
  2. ... Why? Well I'm not opposed, guess i will need to see the actual performance, but this seems like overwork. I'm sad there's no swimming but I wasn't expecting that from the very beginning. Lucy is still also irrelevant i guess. We will miss you, "The only good DST Woodie feature", rest in peace. All of this is kind of vague, really, so I will put my hope on Klei and expect the best.
  3. Hell yes! I knew Woodie will come RIGHT after Warly! Epic Rework Time.
  4. God, i hope an endothermic fire pit skin is next.