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  1. Sadly, I don't seem satisfied with this. Wish i was. But i can see the idea behind this, and appreciate it, Rechargeable Generator is a really good idea, however, i think it comes off as plain, many reasons but keeping it short, it is only used in just 2 craftings that... Are ok i guess. Just ok. I don't know if these ideas will develop further or if there is more to come because i hope so. I liked the idea of this generator to be sort of the main tool or gadget that winona could be casually or constantly using every now and then, recharging it with an item that seriously needed more uses. (Really good move there ). For the downsides... Just why? 2 less seconds aproximately of crafting for even a small 5 hunger loss is terrible for me, maybe instant crafting? So I guess i'm still not playing Winona. So if this is it, I'm hoping you can surprise us all with the execution in game, since we haven't played this rework, so we can't judge it 100%.