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  1. Auto-sweeper stopped sweeping

    Also confirmed. A save / reload fixes for me, but that is a real pain.
  2. Agree 100% Also, why does the clock run anti-clockwise? That is unnecessarily confusing.
  3. FYI, rockets don't need to be under bunker doors. You can leave them out in the open.
  4. Save included. There is a critter Drop-off near the top of the map to relocate Shove Voles. (it is centered in the save) This Drop Off is in a vacuum and not in any room. Even though it is priority 9, wrangled voles are not being taken to it. Mousing over shows that it is reporting "Storing 240/20 creatures" Although it occasionally cycles briefly to "0" then back up to around 240. This makes it impossible to relocate shove-voles to a better place. (Edit) Temporary fix, I built a small room around it and it reported correctly, allowing me to transfer the critters. Also, I changed the settings to a variety of critters, or "All" critters and this did not change the problem. I then built another drop-off lower down and it had the same problem. Bug Report.sav