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  1. Problem confirmed. Generators set to priority 9, requesting fuel at 100%, Storage bin set to 6, Receptacle set to 5. Sweepers are "Always on" (No logic) and will move coal from Receptacle or floor to bin, but will never fuel Generators. Dupes only intermittently feed generators. Icy Death.sav
  2. Yup. Confirmed. I have the same problem on this end when a conductive wire passes over my mains power. Note that the conductive wire is carrying no load, but is taking overload damage from the mains line below it.
  3. Crash to desktop. Consistent with multiple restarts. Bug.sav SimDLL_CRASH_preview_348980_20190705-07.20.54.dmp
  4. Also confirmed. A save / reload fixes for me, but that is a real pain.
  5. Agree 100% Also, why does the clock run anti-clockwise? That is unnecessarily confusing.
  6. FYI, rockets don't need to be under bunker doors. You can leave them out in the open.
  7. Save included. There is a critter Drop-off near the top of the map to relocate Shove Voles. (it is centered in the save) This Drop Off is in a vacuum and not in any room. Even though it is priority 9, wrangled voles are not being taken to it. Mousing over shows that it is reporting "Storing 240/20 creatures" Although it occasionally cycles briefly to "0" then back up to around 240. This makes it impossible to relocate shove-voles to a better place. (Edit) Temporary fix, I built a small room around it and it reported correctly, allowing me to transfer the critters. Also, I changed the settings to a variety of critters, or "All" critters and this did not change the problem. I then built another drop-off lower down and it had the same problem. Bug Report.sav